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Customer Tailored Cell Line Services

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September 27th 2013

The development of novel therapeutics is labour and cost intensive. In order to improve pre-clinical testing of novel substances, it is therefore of high value to have as much specific cell data as possible to aid future upscaling and generalization of therapeutic strategies.

Such approaches have already found application in the concept of pharmacogenomics, where patients’ transcriptional profiles and genomic bases are correlated with the efficacy of drugs.

Now Evercyte has developed its proprietary pharmacocellomics™ concept for pre-clinical developments. This describes banks of primary cells from different patients and tissues that are immortalized by telomerase or other strategies (SV40; SNEV). Pharmacocellomics™ produces cell strains with phenotypes closely matched to primary cells and available in sufficient quantities to perform reproducible preclinical drug testing.

With a high number of cell donors generating statistically meaningful data, general efficiency of the drugs can be estimated with high predictive accuracy, taking into account different genetic backgrounds. This can markedly reduce drug development times and attrition rates in advance of phase II clinical trials.

Customer Tailored Cell Line Services
Beside ‘off the shelf’ cells pre-generated and ready for shipment, Evercyte expertise is available to generate immortalized cells to customer-specified profiles. These specifications can include donor types (healthy, diseased, male, female, etc.), cell and tissue types, or additional introduction of specific genes of interest.

Specific customer production programmes can be designed, based on milestone-based, mutually agreed project plans and conforming to a number of different paradigms:

Cell line establishment from tissue
This service can include sourcing of tissues, commercial ethical approval, Isolation of primary cell cultures from different tissue and extension of cellular life span. A continuously growing cell line is established, with cells immortalized using strategies that accord with customer needs.

Immortalization of cells provided by customer
Alternatively, Evercyte can establish production lines from prototype cells supplied by customer, and immortalized as above.

Introduction of additional genetic elements into immortalized cell lines
Evercyte can introduce stable knock-down of specific genes using RNAi or zinc fingers for stable over expression of specific proteins, such as receptors. This model can also introduce stable reporter constructs into the process.

Characterization of customer tailored cell lines
Cell characterization can be optimized and categorized through experimental morphology, combined with functional testing.

Supply and Licensing Models
Evercyte offers its products to academic and/or non-profit-organizations as well as to for-profit companies. Cell lines are provided on a licensed basis and over specific timeframes.

Licensing fees are determined by:
• Client profile (Academic/not-for profit organization vs. commercial company)
• End value of use of Evercyte-produced material in client laboratory
• Licensing period (up to three trial terms of six months duration, followed by three year fixed terms)
• Degree of unique Evercyte innovation/development present in immortalized cell line

For more information or to discuss customer tailored cell line services, please contact Evercyte directly.

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