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    CRYOPDP is bringing advanced temperature-controlled logistics solutions to the ARCS Australia Conference in Sydney

    June 6th 2024

    Sydney, NSW: Australia’s cell and gene therapy communities will gather at the upcoming ARCS Australia annual conference in Sydney, organised by the Association of Regulatory and Clinical Scientists to the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry. Themed ‘The Future of Medicine: The Confluence of Devices, Drugs, and Data,’ the 2024 conference will feature a comprehensive program with parallel sessions and an array of eminent speakers representing regulatory bodies, leading industry players, and academia.

    Founded in 1984, ARCS is a professional organisation focusing on career-long professional development for its members in the therapeutic goods sector. ARCS provides education, competency building, and information sharing within communities of practice, as well as targeted advocacy and collaboration with various life sciences stakeholders.

    The ARCS Australia Annual Conference 2024 is a three-day event that opens June 12 at Sydney’s Darling Harbour International Convention Centre (ICC).

    Innovative bio and pharma supply chain services leader CRYOPDP Australia will be an exhibitor at the event with its stand at Booth 79 at the Darling Harbour ICC convention centre showcasing its range of temperature-controlled logistics solutions for the life sciences. Its displays will highlight its wide range of specialised logistics services and solutions, including transporting biological samples, shipments and logistics for clinical trials, direct-to-patient deliveries, cold-chain temperature-controlled solutions, and concierge documentation and clearances.

    ARCS Australia organises the event with further information at:

    CRYPOPDP team

    Solutions on show will include Dry shippers, White Glove-supervised deliveries, onboard couriers, a Control Tower, and the CRYOPDP proprietary management and monitoring infrastructure, which ensures end-to-end consignment visibility and real-time analytics.

    The CRYOPDP Australia team at the event will include Branch Manager Chris Pohl, Sales & Client Relationship Specialist Oliver Percival, and National Business Development Manager Sherryn Burda.

    Chris Pohl commented: “This conference has become one of the Australian life sciences sector’s most influential events and provides an excellent platform for raising our brand awareness and lead generation. We will contact pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and clinical organisations with specific temperature-controlled transport and logistics requirements.”

    About CRYOPDP

    CRYOPDP operates in 16 countries worldwide, serving customers in over 150 countries. Recognising the importance of temperature-controlled logistics to the life sciences, CRYOPDP provides premium logistics, cold chain solutions, and tailor-made services for its clients. CRYOPDP is known for its reliability, flexibility, and expertise in global logistics. CRYOPDP is part of Cryoport Inc.


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    CRYOPDP is bringing advanced temperature-controlled logistics solutions to the ARCS Australia Conference in Sydney
    CRYOPDP is bringing advanced temperature-controlled logistics solutions to the ARCS Australia Conference in Sydney

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