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    CRYOPDP Healthcare Logistics for Singapore

    July 9th 2024

    For healthcare and the life sciences, precise, secure, and efficient logistics are vital to ensuring patient safety, effective delivery, and successful clinical trials.

    The dynamic Asia-Pacific (APAC) life sciences market faces numerous logistics challenges that CRYOPDP Singapore plays a leading role in overcoming, with highly developed solutions in temperature-controlled and end-to-end managed delivery services.

    Logistics challenges in Singapore

    Maintaining cool temperatures throughout the cold chain remains a constant challenge in a tropical Southeast Asian climate. This requires insulated packaging, cooling media, and fast delivery. All three are necessary to prevent temperature fluctuations during transportation or storage that can compromise the drugs’ efficacy, especially for biotech products sensitive to temperature excursions.

    Effective temperature-controlled delivery is not only a matter of safety and regulatory compliance. Still, it is also essential for valid results in medical research, in which Singapore has become a centre of excellence.

    A further ongoing challenge is maintaining strict adherence to regulatory requirements, particularly regarding temperature control and documentation. Non-compliance can result in penalties, product losses, or legal issues for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Maintaining end-to-end regulatory compliance across the logistics chain means ensuring complete visibility and tracking of every consignment, which is crucial but often challenging.

    Maintaining end-to-end visibility is crucial for regulatory compliance, preventing delays and lost shipments, and responding promptly to unforeseen events.

    The ever-increasing cost of pharmaceutical products makes security a further concern, with increased regulatory emphasis on preventing product tampering, theft, and counterfeit drugs. Securing healthcare logistics requires sophisticated technologies and systems, rigorous attention to detail and well-designed operational procedures.

    Singapore is also one of the most densely populated and congested areas on Earth, posing further challenges in ‘Last-Mile’ delivery—getting the product quickly to the right end-user—by surmounting problems such as navigating urban areas and dealing with traffic congestion while still maintaining the cold chain beyond the primary logistics system.

    Meeting Singapore’s challenges

    CRYOPDP Singapore was formed to provide specific solutions to the logistics challenges facing Southeast Asian life sciences, specifically tailored to local factors and demands. It addresses critical needs in the healthcare sector by ensuring the safe and reliable transportation of temperature-sensitive medications.

    This requires specialised expertise in temperature-controlled medication logistics, ensuring that pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, biologics, and other medications requiring specific storage conditions arrive at their destination in optimal condition. By maintaining temperature stability throughout the delivery process, CRYOPDP Singapore contributes to ensuring the efficacy and safety of medications, thus meeting stringent health regulatory standards.

    The company can offer distinctive capabilities and advantages that include:

    • Complete end-to-end control over delivery and temperature management from source to final destination.
    • Proactive measures were implemented to anticipate and resolve challenges encountered throughout the delivery process.
    • Comprehensive oversight of every logistics step.
    • In-depth regulatory expertise (including clinical trial protocols) encompasses compliant labelling, packaging, and track-and-trace mechanisms.
    • Specific logistics expertise in Cell & Gene Therapies, Biotech, Pharma, Biopharma, Biotech, rare and orphan disease drugs, and CRO requirements.
    • Integration into a worldwide network with global reach and data exchange.
    • The ability to customise solutions to specific user cases and needs.

    These capabilities ensure precise temperature control for sample stability, safety, and compliance with strict packaging, labelling, and documentation regulations. They also offer seamless door-to-door delivery, reduced risk, and provide peace of mind.

    CRYOPDP Singapore services

    CRYOPDP Singapore offers the full suite of CRYOPDP logistics services tailored to the needs of pharma, biotech, and life sciences organisations.

    These service offers include:

    • Global Logistics Solutions: CRYOPDP offers cost-effective end-to-end managed overnight and global express logistics solutions to ensure safe and prompt delivery of sensitive consignments.
    • Packaging Solutions: CRYOPDP Singapore can supply cartons, insulated containers, and dry ice or eutectic media cooling packs to cover the full range of temperature control requirements for cryogenic consignments from ambient to -196°C.
    • Pick & Pack Solution: This option allows CRYOPDP’s specialised in-house resources and dedicated facilities to prepare tailored packaging and dispatch temperature-sensitive shipments.
    • Clinical Trials Logistics: A tailored and comprehensive delivery program crafted to mitigate risks, proactively navigate customs regulations, and proficiently manage exports/imports, strictly adhering to diverse regulatory requirements and specific standards from preclinical to Phase IV for all Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs).
    • Temperature-controlled vehicle (TCV) deliveries for high volume and active cooling needs with own fleet, ensuring full area coverage.
    • LN2 Fulfilment Centre for rigorous temperature control between lanes or distribution points.
    • 24/7 Customer Service for complete support around the clock.
    • Customs Clearance Solutions: Expertise in Customs Clearance, Quarantine, and Dangerous Goods services to comply with regulatory requirements in Quality certification (ISO9001, GDP), Transportation codes (IATA, ADR), and Anti-corruption chart (RSE).

    CRYOPDP Singapore also possesses various relevant certifications that include:

    • IATA for packaging of goods for air transport
    • GDP- by SGS
    • Dangerous Goods
    • ISO 9001:2015
    • RCAR – Airport Police License – for import & export at Singapore Airport



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    CRYOPDP Healthcare Logistics for Singapore

    CRYOPDP Singapore is a one-stop-shop for temperature-controlled logistics services oriented to the needs of APAC life sciences companies and healthcare providers.

    CRYOPDP Healthcare Logistics for Singapore

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