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CRST to Sponsor, Showcase and Speak at Phase I and IIa Clinical Trials Conference in London

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February 6th 2013

Clinical Research Services Turku CRST, specialists in the early phases of clinical drug development is delighted to announce that it is an official sponsor of the forthcoming Phase I and IIa Clinical Trials conference to be held at the Lancaster Hotel, London from 27th-28th Feb 2013.

Organised and hosted by Informa Life Sciences, the conference allows an opportunity to discuss the latest issues in early phase development and has been re-engineered specifically to address the fact that only 1 out of 19 Phase I candidates makes it to approval.

In addition to sponsoring the event, CRST will be showcasing its services at the conference and is inviting delegates to visit the team at booth 2.

CRST’s Director Mika Scheinin, will also be a guest speaker at the conference. As part of the ‘Exploring applications for imaging in early phase development’ session, Professor Scheinin will discuss ‘Proof-of-concept from PET imaging’. The areas that he will cover include:

• Early proof of concept (in Phases I and II)
• Efficacy, safety and PK endpoints
• Guidance for dose selection in Phases II and III

Speaking about the conference, CRST’s Business Development Manager Ville Ranta-Panula said “This event gives us the opportunity to meet face-to-face with our existing clients, we are hoping that our special conference promotion will also attract some new business to CRST.” He continued “We are of course delighted to be sponsors and to have an association with an event of this calibre.”

About CRST
CRST is a Clinical Research Organisation that provides a wide array of clinical, preclinical and bio-analytical research services for drug developers. CRST specialises in the early phases of clinical drug development, in particular in the facilitation of proof-of-concept by scientifically demanding studies.

CRST offers a committed team who are professionals in clinical trials. Its team comprises clinical researchers, laboratory technicians, study nurses and other research personnel who will work alongside you to achieve your goals in study planning, reporting and conduct.

The company’s aptitude in technologies and expertise has been built on networking with academic and private partners in Finland. Through networking, CRST has enhanced its knowledge enabling it to provide services covering all areas of clinical drug research. This allows them to provide cutting-edge solutions established on the most up-to-date scientific information.

The work carried out at CRST is in accordance with Good Clinical Practice guidelines as well as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations in regard to clinical studies.

About Phase I and IIa Clinical Trials Conference
The Informa Life Science’s, 14th annual Phase I &IIa Clinical Trials conference has been revamped for 2013 to provide two highly focused and high quality streams, providing answers to the latest questions in early phase drug development: This year, the conference will be looking at how more effective and efficient Phase I & IIa clinical trials can be designed, benchmarking against current industry models to find out what works best and how to adapt trials going forward.

The changing roles of key stakeholders will be assessed: How can pharma and biotech work together to increase productivity? Where are Venture Capital investing and why? How are CROs working to support their sponsors and share risk? What is the current EMA and FDA perspective on exploratory drug development strategy? The event also brings together an array of well-respected speakers to offer their perspectives.

For more information or to discuss the Phase I and IIa Clinical Trials conference please contact us directly.

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