CNS – Drug Development

White Paper – Clinical Research Services Turku CRST
CNS – Drug Development


Contact Supplier: Clinical Research Services Turku CRST
Supplier White Paper: CNS – Drug Development
Address: University of Turku – CRST, FI – 20014 University of Turku, Finland
Tel: +358 2333 7502, +358 2333 7635
Fax: +358 2251 0046

CNS – Drug Development

CRST uses scientific expertise to support your company’s go/no-go decisions by providing important preclinical and clinical information on the behaviour of your drug candidate.

We are specialized in Phase I-II clinical studies that employ imaging and other biomarkers as surrogate endpoints. Turku PET Centre provides access to the latest developments in preclinical and clinical imaging technology.

The link below is for the full presentation of CRST’s and Turku PET Centre’s imaging services for proof-of-concept in CNS drug development.

Please click on the following link for the full article.
CNS Drug Development

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