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Chromatrap®: novel solid phase ChIP technology for efficient, sensitive and robust chromatin immunoprecipitation

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September 21st 2015


Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) has become an important new tool in genetic and epigenetic research, widely used to study the association of specific proteins with defined genomic regions.

Nordic BioSite can offer the novel Chromatrap® solution: an inert solid phase scaffold that increases surface area for greater antibody binding, allowing for better immunoprecipitation and reducing non-specific binding. It uses a solid support matrix, which allows highly sensitive capture of protein/DNA complexes in low volume and low chromatin concentration samples. It
Originally developed by Porvair Sciences in the UK, Chromatrap® is revolutionizing many areas of genome research and is now available for classical qPCR, sequencing and ChIP from formaldehyde fixed paraffin embedded samples (FFPE) using either spin columns or 96-well filter plates.


The simplicity and efficacy of Chromatrap® ChIP assays enables more IPs per sample, using less starting material and produces results more quickly than traditional assays, making them a firm favorite with leading genetics research laboratories worldwide.

Specific benefits include:

  • ChIP in less than five hours from chromatin preparation to qPCR
  • Reduced manual handling, eliminating sample loss through multiple pipetting steps.
  • Single column and 96-well high-throughput formats available
  • Optimised for 1000 ng sample sizes: better results from smaller sample sizes for qPCR
  • Allows more IP assays from a single sample

Chromatrap® product categories

Nordic BioSite can provide Chromatrap®-based solutions in five product categories.

Chromatrap® qPCR

Chromatrap® qPCR kits provide a more convenient, quicker and simpler method for performing ChIP assays in laboratories that do not require sequencing. These kits are cost effective and ideal where qPCR results alone are sufficient. Product features include:

  • Ideal for low chromatin loadings
  • Signal strength: clear differentiation across the epigenetic landscape
  • Robust signal to noise compared to traditional bead-based methods

Chromatrap® ChIP-seq

Chromatrap® provides a simple and easy to use ChIP format, compatible with high and low cell numbers, validated on both transcription factor and epigenetic mark identification in primary and secondary cell lines.

  • Ample DNA to perform library prep from a single IP
  • Positive target enrichment typically 15-20 fold when compared with background IgG control
  • ChIP-seq from as little as 10-50 ng of chromatin
  • Wide dynamic range allows lower chromatin loadings and minimizes antibody requirements
  • Fully compatible with Illumina® MiSeq™ and HiSeq™
  • Reduced IP incubation times

Chromatrap® 96 HT

The microplate-based Chromatrap® 96 HT system allows multiple ChIP assays to be processed simultaneously in less than one working day. This allows multiple antibody and gene targets to be investigated in parallel. The system can also be set up for automated liquid handling providing an even faster and more efficient ChIP assays.

Chromatrap® FFPE

Chromatrap® FFPE ChIP kit provides greater flexibility and more IPs per sample:

  • Works across a range of FFPE samples, from human to animals
  • Available in 96-well plate or spin column format
  • Works equally well with high and low abundant marks
  • Provides sufficient DNA to perform library preps for ChIP-seq assays

Chromatrap® FFPE kits outperform when compared to traditional methods: with a ten fold reduction in starting materials and 3 μm sections required and at least four times better pull down than competitor kits.

Chromatrap® Enzymatic Shearing

The Chromatrap® enzymatic shearing kit can isolate chromatin enzymatically, providing a lower cost and more accessible method than expensive and capital-intensive mechanical methods such as sonication. Enzymatic shearing can also be advantageous where native chromatin is to be examined. It ensures the isolation of good quality, suitably fragmented chromatin that is the most important prerequisite for a successful ChIP assay.

Product Examples

Nordic BioSite can supply a wide range of Chromatrap®-based products directly to Scandinavian countries. Amongst others, these include:

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Click on Nordic Biosite to contact the company directly.Supplier Information
Supplier: Nordic Biosite
Address: Propellervägen 4A, 183 62 Täby, Sweden
Tel: +46 (0)8 544 433 40
Fax: +46 (0)8 756 94 90

Art No Description Size
280-500191 ChIP-seq Enzymatic 24 spin columns, Pro A, with Premium control antibodies 24
280-500117 qPCR Standard Chromatrap Pro G spin column kit for 24 samples 24
280-500163 qPCR Standard Chromatrap Pro G high throughput ChIP 96-well Microplate 96
280-500166 qPCR Enzymatic Standard Chromatrap Pro A spin column kit for 24 samples 24
280-500165 Enzymatic Buffers kit 24

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