Cerbios showcasing new Super Critical Fluid (SFC) nanoparticle technology at CPhI Madrid

Cerbios showcasing new Super Critical Fluid (SFC) nanoparticle technology at CPhI Madrid

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2015

Lugano, Switzerland:- The Swiss-based high-tech Cerbios-Pharma SA (Cerbios) will be a participant at the landmark CPhI Worldwide event in Madrid in October.

Cerbios will use CPHI to present details of its new cGMP SCF atomization plant for particle engineering using super critical fluid technology capable of generating micro and nano APIs particles with very narrow particle size distribution. It will also showcase its range of High Potency Active Ingredients (HPAIs, HPAPI) Nanoparticle engineering.

By the end of 2015, the Cerbios atomization plant will be fully operational for the handling of HPAIs at 200 grams / batch cGMP scale.

“I am very excited about this latest addition to Cerbios’ available technologies (microreactors, chromatography, preformulation) for the production of outstanding HPAIs” says Gabriel Haering, Cerbios’ CEO.

“This technology potentially allows active compounds to become ultra-potent at dosages lower than one milligram, since nanoparticles are known as an attractive solution to improving bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds. This may eventually result in an improved clinical profile,” Mr. Haering explained.

Cerbios’ Chief Commercial Officer Andrea Tam, who will also be present on the Cerbios stand at CPhI, added: “Lower dosage options have, in fact, several positive advantages ranging from improved drug tolerability to cost-savings for dosage-form makers, healthcare Institutions and patients.”

Bioavailability enhancement via supercritical fluid atomization may impact on several pharmaceutical solid oral, injectable, suspension and inhalable preparation profiles, in therapeutic areas that include oncology, respiratory, dermatology and ophthalmology.


The Cerbios plant supports both SAA and SAS atomization technologies, providing more options to achieve unique particle features including particle size distribution and specific surface area as well as superior formulation performance.

This technology will expand Cerbios’ contract manufacturing services platform in the area of HPAIs, either in conjunction with the production of the HPAI itself or as a standalone option.

The Cerbios team at CPhI will also include Chemical Division Marketing & Sales Director, Annalisa Miracca and Business Development Manager, Mara Camillo. All will be on the Cerbios-Pharma exhibition stand at Booth 7K60 in Hall 7 at IFEMA Madrid, which it will share with Biological Division.

High-tech platforms

Cerbios have been regularly attended CPhI Europe for more than a decade.

“Once again, we will be reaching out to pharmaceutical companies working in biotechnology and highly potent small molecules areas,” said Mr. Tam. “We will be showing how they can use Cerbios-Pharma to access highly advanced technology platforms, such as this new enhanced nanoparticle capability or our innovative CHO-derived r-UK manufacturing process allowing exciting characterized molecule possibilities.”

Cerbios will host a networking “Tapas event” at the Piazza Ticino Pavilion from 17:00 hrs of Day One of the event (October 13).

About Cerbios

Cerbios-Pharma SA (Cerbios) is a Swiss-based contract manufacturer that has built up world-class expertise in development and production of small molecule chemical and biological active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), High Potency Active Ingredients (HPAIs) and Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs). This includes impressive experience in developing and manufacturing New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and New Biological Entities (NBEs), together with expertise in scale up and optimization of production processes.

Cerbios focuses its CMO activities on small molecule, biologics and antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), serving large, mid-size and emerging pharma companies, innovators and generics manufacturers. The company serves customers in Europe, North America and Japan as well as emerging markets in Central and South America, India, China and South East Asia.

Cerbios operates in two divisions. Its Chemical Division specializes in small molecule area, with most of its products derived from Vitamin D derivatives and reduced folates. The division applies advanced technologies, including preparative HPLC R&D and cGMP production, Continuous Flow Chemistry, and photochemistry-based research and cGMP manufacturing.

Cerbios Biological Division is a leading European force in cGMP manufacturing and supply of pharma-quality probiotic active ingredients. Its services are based on expertise in microencapsulation technology to increase process stability of probiotic feed additives, state-of-the-art CHO platforms and long-term expertise with Enterococcus faecium SF68®.

Biological Division can offer exclusive development and manufacturing of probiotics, recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). It has developed a recombinant form of Urokinase, using CHO cell lines to avoid previous problems of inconsistencies, potential transfer of adventitious agents or viral contamination.

Cerbios has leveraged the combined experience in HPAIs and biopharmaceutical production to offer CMO services in development and manufacturing of ADCs (Antibody Drug Conjugates).

About CPhI Worldwide

CPhI Worldwide is the flagship annual trade show for pharma ingredients and partner sourcing providing delegates and exhibitors opportunities to arrange face-to-face meetings with potential international pharmaceutical partners and collaborators, as well as gain insights on latest industry trends.

Now in its 26th year, the 2015 event is a three-day event opening October 13 at IFEMA, Feria de Madrid, Spain. It will host more than 36,000 delegates from 150 countries along with 2,500 exhibitor companies.

The CPhl Worldwide show is being held alongside three other zoned exhibitions; ICSE Outsourcing solutions, P-MEC Machinery and Equipment and InnoPack pharmaceutical packaging events.

The Pre-Connect Conference on October 12 brings together senior representatives and key stakeholders from all segments of the industry for a series of market-led educational modules on the latest trends and topics with networking and partnering opportunities.

The CPhI Pharma Awards, presented on the first evening of the conference, honor innovative companies and leaders. The previous three categories (formulation, process development and packaging) have now been expanded to eight awards, now additionally honouring best innovations in biologic drug development and manufacturing, supply chain & logistic management, manufacturing technology, APIs and excipients, as well as CEO of the Year.

The CPhI series is staged by leading Global B2B Events Organizer and Publisher UBM Live More information at: http://www.cphi.com/europe/home

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Mara Camillo, Business Development Manager, Cerbios-Pharma SA
Tel: +41 91 9856556
Email: mara.camillo@cerbios.ch


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