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March 31st 2023

Lugano, Switzerland: – Cerbios-Pharma SA (Cerbios) has commenced a marketing and communications campaign marking a strategic focus on innovation combined with a customer-centric service approach.

The Cerbios value proposition is encapsulated in its new ‘Keep it simple, do it smoothly’ strapline premiered at the recent DCAT Week in New York City, featured as an animated advert played DCAT TV.

The advertisement is also featured in an article by Cerbios-Pharma SA Senior Manager Marketing & Sales, Valentino Mandelli, that appears in the current edition of the online magazine Life Sciences Knowledge Hub.

“A shift of mindset in the marketing approach was identified as a necessary step, resulting in a no-frills, cross-group message agreed upon, based on the company value proposition,” Valentino Mandelli tells the magazine.

“Cerbios always aims to be innovative in the communication field and find the right way to steer the audience to the core message of the company. It takes steps to interact with Pharma’s diverse audience that is not always an easy task considering the range and specialties of the services the company offers,” he reflects.

Innovation as a mindset

Mr. Mandelli brought more than 10 years’ experience working in commercial field of APIs to Cerbios, when he joined the company in 2021 to manage its Generic APIs activities t in America, MENA and Asia regions as well as overseeing the expansion of the CDMO partnerships for HPAPIs.

In the article, he traces the Cerbios ethos of innovation from its roots in South Switzerland in the early 1930s through to its current recognition as a front-running CDMO in the antibody drug conjugate (ADC) landscape owing to its one-stop-shop ability to develop and manufacture of ADCs and all their  components (mAb, linker/payload, conjugate) under one roof, via its Proveo ™ division that has become a core business pillar of the company.

“Proveo extends Cerbios’ capacity through the partnership with two leading companies: AGC Biologics, for large scale protein manufacturing and Oncotec for Aseptic Filling & Lyophilization services.  The target of this division is to offer end-to-end solutions from cell line development, large scale protein manufacturing, linker/payload manufacturing to ADC DS and DP manufacturing,” Mr. Mandelli explains.

“Having the opportunity to cooperate with a single partner that provides end-to-end solutions, optimizes the project by streamlining each phase,” he adds, explaining that customer benefits include an integrated Development, Analytical and Project Management system, single point of contact and documentation, unified Quality Agreement, and shorter integrated supply chain.

Essential qualities

“The qualities appreciated the most by Cerbios’ partners are the commitment to quality at every level of the organisation, an open and constructive communication, the responsiveness and rapid decision-making, the continuous investment in new technologies and the rich competencies to fulfil each customer need,” Mr. Mandelli writes.

He says these attributes have become essential in meeting and anticipating rapidly changing requirements, driven by unpredictable global scenarios.

“Along the journey, Cerbios’ mindset and actions have always been inspired by four main values that have shaped its core identity and still act today as the company beacon: Responsibility, Quality, Reliability and Collaboration. Such values were already part of the founders’ DNA and have been passed to generations of shareholders, managers and employees who have shaped the company hallmarks in the preceding years,” Mr. Mandelli notes.

Raising the bar

The article also traces Cerbios-Pharma’s recent history of strategic investments, including a SwissMedic-approved new highly active ingredients (HPAPI) unit, that will markedly upgrade its HPAPI manufacturing capacities, as well as creation of a new R&D unit was created, to increase development capacity for HPAPIs by 50% and double capacity for R&D analytical services.

In a new development, a new building has been completed for SwissMedic inspection, planned to come on line by April 2023 to add two complete lines for HPAPI manufacturing, primarily dedicated to ADC linker-payloads and cytotoxic APIs. It features low- and high-pressure chromatography, lyophilization and nanofiltration required for the manufacture of complex molecules.

“The future will see Cerbios expanding capacity, with the target to double ADC capacity by investing in a new hub. The ultimate aim is to expand the company commitment to provide best-in-class bioconjugation services for the worldwide partners,” says Valentino Mandelli.

Green investments

He also details how Corporate Social Responsibility has always been a driver in Cerbios strategy, with Environmental, Social, and Governance improvements now focused on reducing its carbon footprint.

“Climate change gaining more importance and is one of the major challenges faced by the industry. The healthcare system accounts today for about 6% of greenhouse gas emissions, making this a crucial aspect to immediately address,” Mr. Mandelli notes.

“Taking into account both external and internal targets, Cerbios is continually striving to implement greener technologies and processes that reduce environmental impact and produce significantly lower waste material,” he adds, noting new processes to collect and separate exhausted solvents to  reduce waste and increase recycling, along with investment in photovoltaic panels and passive heat recovery that will together cut natural gas consumption by 40% and reduce  CO2 emissions by 600 tonnes per year, while also making the company more energy secure.

About Cerbios-Pharma

Cerbios is a privately held company located in Lugano, Switzerland, specialized in manufacturing Pharma Products and in offering CDMO services.

Cerbios is the ideal CDMO partner from clinical to commercial supply of API, HPAPIs, Payloads, ADCs, Proteins and Antibodies. Services offered include Process & Analytical Development, Scale-up and Clinical Supply, Industrial Validation, Commercial Supply, Full CMC Regulatory Support. Proveo™, a division of Cerbios, was recently created to provide end-to-end development and manufacturing services for ADCs.

Cerbios is also a global leading supplier of a portfolio of Generic APIs primarily used in Oncology and for the treatment of Respiratory and Dermatological disorders. Cerbios has additionally a 40 years’ experience in the probiotics field: the portfolio includes a FDF based on proprietary strain SF68® for treatment of diarrhea and dysbiosis by antibiotics and two new Food Supplements for the management of ACNE & Seborrheic dermatitis and to boost immune response.

Learn more at: https://cerbios.swiss


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Cerbios-Pharma SA innovative mindset

Valentino Mandelli, Senior Manager Marketing & Sales, Cerbios-Pharma SA.

Cerbios-Pharma SA innovative mindset