Cerbios showcasing hi-tech antibody platforms at BIO-Europe

Cerbios showcasing hi-tech antibody platforms at BIO-Europe

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NOVEMBER 03, 2015

Lugano, Switzerland: – Cerbios-Pharma SA will attend the influential BIO-Europe networking event in Munich with details of its innovative recombinant-Urokinase (r-UK), high potency APIs and monoclonal antibody (mAbs) drug conjugates.

Cerbios has been working with recombinant DNA technology to manufacture monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments or recombinant proteins with an expression systems based on CHO cells under cGMP conditions Breakthrough rUK technology.

Cerbios have regularly attended BIO-Europe. Its team at the 2015 event will include Chief Commercial Officer Andrea Tam and Business Development Manager, Mara Camillo.

“We believe pharmaceutical companies working in biotechnology and highly potent small molecules areas will be highly interested in the technology platforms we can now provide,” said Mr. Tam.

“Our completely synthetic media may be adapted, case by case, to the cell line and protein to be expressed. This allows further optimization of key parameters including productivity and yield,” Mr. Tam pointed out.

“We will be using EBD’s excellent partneringONE networking system to set up meetings with existing and potential customers to explored ways they can take advantage of our breakthrough technologies, along with our antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), high potency active ingredient products and CMO services,” she added.

Advanced technology platforms

“Once again, we will be reaching out to pharmaceutical companies working in biotechnology and highly potent small molecules areas,” said Mr. Tam. “We will be showing how they can use Cerbios-Pharma to access highly advanced technology platforms.”

“In particular, we can offer partnership opportunities to develop our CHO-derived r-UK as a characterized molecule with a novel manufacturing process. We can provide direct access to a molecule known to be an effective thrombolytic along with a patent-protected and validated manufacturing process, established cGMP manufacturing capabilities, pre-clinical and clinical protocol outlines and worldwide marketing rights for a therapy that, once approved, will enjoy a very substantial market,” Mr. Tam added.

About Cerbios-Pharma

Cerbios-Pharma SA is a Swiss company founded in 1994 by the merger of Bioferment SA (founded in 1976) and Sapec SA (founded in 1979). It specializes in the development and production of high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) in the area of fine chemicals (Chemical Division) and biologicals (Biological Division).

Using its experience and capabilities Cerbios Biological has developed a recombinant form of Urokinase, using CHO cell lines. Because this form of r-UK is not extracted from human urine or kidney cells, it avoids previous problems of inconsistencies, potential transfer of adventitious agents or viral contamination.

Cerbios’ r-UK system is based on a proprietary cGMP mammalian cell culture procedure using a chemically defined protein free medium, without addition of growth factors or antibiotics.

The manufacturing process uses a highly characterized CHO cell line where raw materials are certified to be of non-animal origin. This leads to a product with a high safety profile.

About BIO-Europe 2015

The BIO-Europe® Conference is the flagship conference for EBD Group, providing life science companies with high caliber knowledge sharing and partnering opportunities.

BIO-Europe 2015 event is a three-day event opening November 2 at Munich’s ICM international conference center.

BIO-Europe has formed the launchpad for many highly successful business partnerships, drawing delegates from all parts of the biotechnology value chain to identify, engage and enter into strategic relationships.

This year´s BIO-Europe partnering event will again draw over 3,000 industry attendees from nearly 60 countries, representing more than 1,800 companies for three days of high level networking.

Partnering at BIO-Europe 2015 is powered by EBD Group’s partneringONE®, the industry’s most advanced networking system, which enables participants to efficiently mine a large pool of potential partners, and identify and pre-arrange private one-to-one meetings with multiple company targets.

More information at: http://www.ebdgroup.com/bioeurope/index.php

Media Contact

Mara Camillo, Business Development Manager, Cerbios-Pharma SA
Tel: +41 91 9856556
Email: mara.camillo@cerbios.ch


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