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October 21st 2021

Cerbios-Pharma has released SF68® SKINActive as an innovative probiotic-based treatment for skin disorders.

SF68® SKINActive is an oral dispersible sachet offered for management and treatment of mild to moderate acne and seborrheic dermatitis, supported by clinical evidence.

Acne treatment from within

The treatment marks a clear departure from current acne and dermatitis treatments based on topical and oral drugs, some of which exhibit side effects such as antibiotic resistance, photo-sensibility, and teratogenicity.

The SF68® SKINActive ‘acne treatment from within’ concept is based on SF68 probiotic modulates microbiota, which have an impact on skin health via the gut-skin axis, as proven by clinical studies that demonstrate reduction of comedones, papules, and sebum production.

Clinical and consumer benefits

Since SF68 SKIN Active is based on naturally occurring microbiota, there are no side effects, which means the treatment can be used over extended periods and all four seasons.

The oro-dispersible sachet presentation is convenient for consumers, with no water needed and fast-acting with benefits visible within a few days or week.

In summary, Cerbios-Pharma SF68® SKINActive offers an acne/dermatitis treatment that is effective, convenient, clinically proven, can be combined with other therapies and free of side effects.


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Cerbios-Pharma SF68® SKINActive

Cerbios-Pharma is a leader in the CDMO development and manufacturing of of biopharmaceutical active ingredients based on living bacteria, such as SF68®, to strict GMP quality standards.