Cerbios-Pharma SF68® Immunoblase probiotic boosting immune system

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September 16th 2021

Cerbios-Pharma has released SF68® Immunoblase as a fully formulated immunity boosting system, with scientific evidence supporting claims for protection from respiratory viruses and enhanced vaccine efficacy.

Immunoblase thus meets current needs created by the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic for immune system strengthening, both for vaccinated and for unvaccinated people.

Immunity boost

SF68® Immunoblase is a balanced formulation where the probiotic strain with its unique characteristics is combined with well-known vitamins and minerals to strengthen immune response through a multifactorial mechanism of action.

The product incorporates Cerbios Pharma’s proprietary active ingredient SF68® based on the Enterococcus faecium probiotic strain, boosted with added Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Selenium Folate  (as Methyl-folate or 5-MTHF, a highly bioavailable form of folic acid .

Key role of microbiota

Scientific evidence (see Resources) is well established that microbiota play a fundamental role on the induction, training and function of the host immune system, with over 70% of human immune cells situated in the gut.  In return, the immune system has largely evolved as a means to maintain the symbiotic relationship of the host with these highly diverse and evolving microbes.

When operating optimally this immune system–microbiota alliance allows the induction of protective responses to pathogens and the maintenance of regulatory pathways involved in the maintenance of tolerance to innocuous antigens. However, in high-income countries overuse of antibiotics, changes in diet, and elimination of constitutive partners such as nematodes has produced microbiota that lack the resilience and diversity required to establish balanced immune responses, resulting in dysbiosis and an altered immune response.

Single daily dose supplement

More recently, modulation of the immune system has been associated with the use of probiotics as health foods and nutraceuticals.

Cerbios-Pharma is now able to offer SF68® IMMUNOBLASE as a fully formed pharmaceutical package that includes supporting scientific evidence, smart presentation in oro-soluble sachets and single daily dose.

The incorporated vitamins and minerals are well-established and scientifically approved for immunity-boosting benefits and the key active ingredient, SF68, is based on a well-known probiotic strain, E. faecium, already present on a market as drug.


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Cerbios-Pharma SF68® Immunoblase probiotic boosting immune system

Cerbios-Pharma’s SF68® Immunoblase is a fully developed pharmaceutical product based on oro-dispersible sachet administration.