Cerbios-Pharma presenting benefits of restructured PROVEO service at the World ADC 2021

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October 1st 2021

Lugano, Switzerland: – Pharmaceutical CDMO specialist Cerbios-Pharma SA (Cerbios) will again be a key presence at the 12th World ADC conference Digital San Diego Edition happening from the 11th to the 14th October.

Cerbios will be presenting its Proveo division in the CMC stream and in the virtual booth promoting advanced integrated solutions in antibody drug conjugates.

New organisation

The presence of Proveo and Cerbios in this latest event maintains an continual relationship with the World ADC franchise hosted by Hanson Wade, with participation at the past six conferences in Europe and the USA, both as physical and online events.

For World ADC 2021, the Cerbios/Proveo team will present details and implications of the recent reorganization that saw Proveo become part of Cerbios. This allows Cerbios to handle contracts, communication, logistics and Program Management in order to simplify the CDMO operations for ADC development and manufacturing.

Integrated one stop shop solution

Full details on this will be provided by Business Development Manager Dr. Vítor Sousa, who will be talking about ‘PROVEO: An integrated solution for ADC manufacturing’ as part of the Manufacturing Track.

Dr. Sousa, has extensive experience in development and manufacturing of ADCs and other biotherapeutic products such as mAbs, enzymes, protein conjugates and Advanced Therapies.

His presentation will show how the PROVEO platform provides a set of clear ‘ advantages in end-to-end development, including a tailored service platform, simplified supply chain, integrated project management with coordinated Quality Management, all supported by an integrated manufacturing network.

Networking opportunities

Dr. Sousa will be accompanied at ADC World by Christoph Winterhalter, Senior Vice President for Business Development at AGC Biologics, and Matthias Beck, Deputy Director of Business Development for Oncotec Pharma Produktion GmbH, representing Proveo partners.

Together, they will be participating in the range of networking activities coordinated by Hanson Wade on its digital platforms.

“We are looking forward very much to connecting once again with the ADC World community,” said Dr. Sousa.

“We have found this series of events to provide excellent platforms for networking and developing new business opportunities,” he added.

About Cerbios-Pharma

Cerbios is a privately held company located in Lugano, Switzerland, that specializes in the development and manufacturing of both chemical and biological APIs for its partners world-wide.

Exclusive CDMO services are offered for the development and manufacturing of high potency active ingredients (HPAPIs), antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and other biological products such as monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins.

Additionally, Cerbios provides a complete CMC and regulatory service for the submission and registration of new pharmaceutical products from clinical research up to commercial manufacturing.

Cerbios is a worldwide presence with partners in Europe, USA and Japan.

Cerbios Division, PROVEO™, in partnership with AGC Biologics and Oncotec, focuses on integrated ADC manufacturing solutions, offering an end-to-end ADC service from drug substance development to sterile Fill & Finish.

PROVEO provides a complete service platform for the development and manufacturing of ADCs and each component.

Learn more at: https://cerbios.swiss

About World ADC 2021

The World ADC Conference is the industry’s longest standing and most comprehensive event devoted to Antibody Drug Conjugate technology and solutions.

The event aims to generate new insights and connections to promote development of more clinically impactful ADCs.

The 12th conference, World ADC 2021 San Diego Digital Edition, will be a four-day event opening October 11, live streamed and viewable online or by download.

The 2021 conference will attract more than 500 professional ADC stakeholders converging virtually to hear almost 100 industry expert speakers discuss a wide range of topics across five conference tracks: Discovery, Translational, Clinical, Process Development, and Manufacturing.

The two conference days will be bookended with a Pre-Conference Seminar Day, featuring discussions on Non-Traditional ADCs, Toxicity, CMC, ADCs in Combination, and Analytical & Bio-analytical Development, along with a Post-Conference Workshop Day, featuring 10 discussion-based ‘deep-dive’ workshops.

The event is organized by Hanson Wade with more information at: http://worldadc-usa.com/


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CERBIOS-PHARMA Company Brochure

Cerbios-Pharma presenting benefits of restructured PROVEO service at the World ADC 2021
Cerbios-Pharma presenting benefits of restructured PROVEO service at the World ADC 2021

Cerbios offers a range of advanced ADC, modified antibodies and other manufacturing services.

Cerbios-Pharma presenting benefits of restructured PROVEO service at the World ADC 2021

Cerbios BD Manager Dr. Vitor Sousa