Cerbios-Pharma brings latest updates to DCAT Week New York

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March 10th 2023

Lugano, Switzerland: – Pharmaceutical ingredient specialist Cerbios-Pharma SA (Cerbios) will be sharing latest updates about Generic APIs Market situation and insights about its ever-expanding CDMO capabilities at the high prestige DCAT Week 2023 in New York City.

A high caliber Cerbios team headed by Chief Commercial Officer Denis Angioletti will take two suites at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel to support its networking with current and prospective customers for its product portfolio and the value-added CDMO Services for HPAPIs, mAbs, Recombinant Proteins and  ADCs.

Live interview

Mr. Angioletti will take part in a live interview session during the week, in which he will go deeper in Cerbios mindset, voted to innovation starting from its foundation in the early 1930s.

He will also take advantage of such occasion for illustrating the Cerbios ‘Keep it simple, do it smoothly’ philosophy that emphasizes an innovative, modern and customer-oriented approach, built around customer-centric customization, modernization and care.

The new mindset is also evident in the revised Cerbios cross-group marketing approach that now emphasizes the benefits of a value-added service with maximum quality and minimum frills.

Expanding the client network

The new communication campaign will become visible during the course of 2023 starting with an animated advert played in New York on DCAT TV.

Cerbios-Pharma has been a DCAT member since 2002 and has been a consistent high profile presence at the event over more than two decades.

As in the past, DCAT week 2023 will be with no doubt a worthful opportunity to promote Cerbios-Pharma expertise and put the spotlight on the recent and next investments. Mr. Angioletti commented: “Once again we are looking forward to our annual trip to New York to take part in this outstanding event that provides us with a superb platform to meet long standing customers and to expand business and client portfolio.”

About Cerbios-Pharma

Cerbios is a privately held company located in Lugano, Switzerland, specialized in manufacturing Pharma Products and in offering CDMO services.

Cerbios is the ideal CDMO partner from clinical to commercial supply of API, HPAPIs, Payloads, ADCs, Proteins and Antibodies. Services offered include Process & Analytical Development, Scale-up and Clinical Supply, Industrial Validation, Commercial Supply, Full CMC Regulatory Support. Proveo™, a division of Cerbios, was recently created to provide end-to-end development and manufacturing services for ADCs.

Cerbios is also a global leading supplier of a portfolio of Generic APIs primarily used in Oncology and for the treatment of Respiratory and Dermatological disorders. Cerbios has additionally a 40 years’ experience in the probiotics field: the portfolio includes a FDF based on proprietary strain SF68® for treatment of diarrhea and dysbiosis by antibiotics and two new Food Supplements for the management of ACNE & Seborrheic dermatitis and to boost immune response.

Learn more at: https://cerbios.swiss

About DCAT Week 2023

The Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT), founded in 1890, has become North America’s premier business development association for companies that manufacture, distribute or provide services to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

DCAT represents the entire spectrum of the pharmaceutical industry—from pharmaceutical, API, and excipient sales and manufacturing to distribution, support technologies and packaging products and services.

Attended by thousands of industry professionals, DCAT Week® and the DCAT Annual Dinner, held each March in New York City, is considered as a premier global event for companies engaged in the biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing value chains.

DCAT Week 2023 will take place over four days from Monday, March 20, 2023, with its central venue at the Lotte New York Palace in Madison Avenue, New York City. It is expected to attract more than 10,000 attendees, overwhelmingly C-Suite executives and high-level decision makers, representing some 700 companies drawn from more than 50 nations worldwide.

The week will conclude with the 95th DCAT Annual Dinner, again held in the Grand Ballroom of the New York Hilton on the evening of Thursday, March 23, featuring live stand up from Jerry Seinfeld.

The event is organized by DCAT with more information at: https://dcatweek.org


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Cerbios-Pharma brings latest updates to DCAT Week New York