CBDepot publishes full technical data for synthesized (–)-trans-Cannabidiol

white-paperCBDepot s.r.o.
August 10th 2021

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of ethical hemp-derived and cannabinoid-related products, CBDepot publishes full technical documentation of its produced substances for regulatory and marketing purposes.

It has recently released its Technical Data Sheet for synthesized pharma grade (-)-trans-Cannabidiol provides full information on HS Coding, IUPAC chemical definition, substance origin, along with quality criteria and test data.

The latter show CBDepot’s CBD does not contain THC beyond level of quantification or 1mg/kg. Microbiology tests show CBDepot’s synthesized CBD to have total aerobic microbial count (TAMC) of not more than 1,000 CFU and total combined yeasts/molds count (TYMC) not exceeding 100 CFU/g, as defined by European Pharmacopeia 5.1.4; (2.6.12, 2.6.13), as well as confirming the product to be E. coli free.


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