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June 1st 2022

CBDepot, the leading European manufacturer of legal cannabis-derived and cannabinoid-related products, offers a broad range of hemp derived extracts with applications as pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food ingredients.

These products include oil-form hemp leaf extracts that have high cannabidiol (CBD) or cannabigerol (CBG) content, as well as broad spectrum distillates with various proportions of CBD or CBG content.

Hemp oil vs cannabis oil

Cannabis sativa as the ‘hemp plant’ has traditionally been valued for its strong fibrous stalks, which have been used for various products, including rope, paper, and textiles. More recently, it has also been valued as the source of ‘hemp oil’ (more accurately hemp seed oil) made by cold pressing hemp seeds.

Hemp seed oil is valued for its nutty taste, light green hemp color and richness in Vitamin E and Omega 3, 6 and 9. This article has been sold on the EU market as a food and cosmetics ingredient according to the European safety standards and regulations.

Hemp extracts defined

The main difference between ‘true’ hemp oil vs CBD oil, is that hemp seed oil has little CBD content while CBD or CBG oil use diluted hemp extracts from plant matter (leaves and flowers).

The essential physical differences between various hemp extracts are codified in the Combined Nomenclature (CN) conventions published in the Journal of the European Union. These include definitions of Extract of cannabis: Vegetable saps and hemp extracts, CN 1302 19 70.

Hemp oil applications

So-called ‘hemp oil’ uses (i.e. hemp seed oil) include aromatics, hemp flavorings, edible oils, and beauty products. Hemp seed oil is particularly valued in cosmetics for having anti-inflammatory effects against complaints such as acne and rashes and moisturizing the skin.

Since 2010 CBDepot’s sister company Hemp Seed Oil Europe Ltd. has been supplying to the EU market premium Canadian hemp seed oil made by cold pressing of hemp seeds. CBDepot produces a range of food and pharma-grade cannabis hemp extracts and isolates. These include:

  • Cannabis Sativa CBD and CBG Leaf Extract: derived from Cannabis sativa L. of any cultivar listed in the EU Plant variety database, this viscous hemp colored amber liquid contains naturally present decarboxylated cannabidiol and other phytocannabinoids (terpenes and waxes) with hemp seed oil for standardization of content.
  • Broad spectrum CBD distillate (THC-free): This is a broad spectrum distillate made from  hemp plants that is nevertheless THC-free and emphasizes CBD content. It is intended for professional use. This oil is soluble in vegetable fats and alcohols.
  • Broad spectrum CBG distillate: Broad spectrum distillate made from edible parts of hemp plants that is THC-free and emphasizes CBG (cannabigerol) content also intended for professional use.


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CBDepot Hemp Extracts

CBDepot can process natural cannabinoids into pharma-grade oils for CBD novel food and cosmetic applications.

CBDepot Hemp Extracts