Calo2310 – Integrating Heat Flow and Balance Calorimetry

Calo2310 – Integrating Heat Flow and Balance Calorimetry


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Calo2310 provides a unique combination of heat flow and heat balance calorimetry that provides users with more precise and reliable plausibility checks for their analyses. This dynamic reaction calorimeter offers a wide range of applications to enable scientific investigation of:

  • Scale-up & scale-down
  • Thermal risk analysis
  • Kinetics
  • Runaway scenarios
  • Criticality of processes


Basic Calo2310 functions include controls over a range of reactions; isothermal and non-isothermal, isoperibol and adiabatic; with continuous evaluation right through to reflux, either with or without any calibration.

The system allows gravimetric as well as manual dosing, even of solids, which is constantly temperature-compensated, maintaining overall heat balance between reactor and reflux condenser, with automatic co-determination. All Calo2310 systems incorporate SYSTAG’s automatic ‘Zero Watt’ technology that eliminates the baseline.

These unprecedented additional features guarantee maximum reproducibility and precision regardless of physical influences for all types of reactions, such as:

  • Polymerizations
  • Condensations
  • Hydrogenations/Acetylations
  • Esterifications
  • Non-homogeneous reactions (liquid/gas – liquid/solid)
  • Grignard reactions

Flexibility and Adaptability

Calo2310 can be supplied with various reactor sizes and shapes to support different applications. The system provides a wide range of measurements and control:

  • Volumetric dosing by injection pump
  • Pressure and vacuum control
  • Gas dosing / hydrogenation
  • Process gas measurement with optional gas-flow-meter FM4
  • Automatic distillation with continuous mass balance

The system can also be tailored to specific key data requirements, with temperature range supported ranging from -80°C to +300°C. Other options include:

  • Temperature resolution TR, TJ, dTRJ, dTC 0.4 mK
  • Sensitivity 100 mW
  • Dynamic reactor greater than 1000 W
  • Dynamic reflux greater than 500 W
  • Compensation of water equivalents throughout the whole temperature range
  • Kinetic step response 10% – 90% in under 90 seconds
Calo2310 – Integrating Heat Flow and Balance Calorimetry

Calo2310 – Integrating Heat Flow and Balance Calorimetry


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