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    Brevetti Angela welcomes technical students to hi-tech world of BFS

    news-releasesBrevetti Angela Srl
    July 7th 2023

    Vicenza, Italy: – Innovative manufacturer of high technology pharma packaging machinery, Brevetti Angela Srl has welcomed students from University of Padova(Padua) to induct them into the world of high tech automated production.

    The students’ visit stemmed from an earlier lecture given by Brevetti Angela’s R&D Director, the highly qualified engineer Rajeev Kabbur to the University’s Masters Pharmaceutical Technologies and Processes Module.

    Introduction to BFS

    In his role as visiting lecturer in the University’s Technical Qualification Framework Masters Program and GMP Compliance Quality Expert for Pharmaceutical Operations, Eng. Kabbur gave a four hour presentation on the technology of Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) integrated bottling, aseptic filling and sealing, which is at the heart of Brevetti Angela’s SYFPAC® systems.

    Hands on experience

    Reaction to the lecture was so positive that Brevetti Angela then invited the teaching group to visit their Vicenza facility to experience BFS technology at first hand in a series of practical demonstrations.

    The group was able to see an SVP machine in operation and observe up close its process and its features, understanding the efficiency in speed, cost and production numbers. Students were able to hold the aseptic plastic ampoules produced on the spot, as well as the full range of containers that can be  manufactured on SYFPAC machines, including bottles, vials and prefilled syringes. All their technical questions were addressed by Brevetti Angela’s engineers and technicians so that no detail was left unattended, and the many advantages of the BFS technology became evident.

    Introduction to BFS

    Following the visit, Eng. Kabbur commented:

    “We see it as an important opportunity to show this niche technology to students, spread its knowledge and make BFS more common in the future world of pharma, as it poses many advantages compared to traditional filling technologies.”

    “For the students, this was also an opportunity to be inspired by one of Italy’s leading examples of  hi-tech engineering and highly automated production, along with an international company whose whole culture is rooted in development and innovation,” Rajeev noted.

    Reaching future generations

    “We view collaboration between academia and industry as crucial for innovation, not just for the actual R&D gains but also for the inspiration that it may give to younger minds. This might not directly affect our industrial world today, but it may one day by inspiring some brilliant young minds that may help us innovate and shape a better future for everybody,” Eng. Kabbur added.

    Rajeev Kabbur’s association with the renowned University of Padova is now in its third year and has proved to be beneficial on different aspects. One student from the TQF Masters 2022 program joined Brevetti Angela as an intern while completing her studies, and is now the company’s technical officer for compliance and regulatory affairs: the BFS company had been looking for such a professional figure for a long time and found in the student the perfect qualified asset.

    About Brevetti Angela

    Brevetti Angela Srl is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharma primary packaging machinery, specializing in production of Blow Fill Seal (BFS) machinery for the aseptic packing of liquids in purpose formed plastic bottles, vials and parenteral forms. Brevetti Angela platforms are ideally suited to aseptic filling of pharmaceutical solutions and can also be applied to food & beverages, cosmetics or cyanoacrylates filling.

    Founded by Francesco Consolaro in 1977, the company remains based in Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza in northeastern Italy. Over more than four decades, Brevetti Angela has been guided by a vision of following a path of continuous innovation based on ensuring customer satisfaction and quality of finished product, with a mission to provide primary packaging solutions that are flexible, versatile and also reliable and easy to maintain.

    The company is particularly known for its range of advanced and patented SYFPAC® BFS machines designed and engineered to achieve the highest quality aseptic packaging of sterile pharmaceutical fluids for small volume vials, bottles, and pre-filled syringes.

    One of the key enablers for very high quality at Brevetti Angela is its emphasis on keeping all vital processes ‘in house’ at Arzignano where all facilities meet CE standards and since 2008 have been certificated to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.


    Click on Brevetti Angela Vision & Mission for further information.
    Click on University of Padova TQF GMP Compliance Quality Expert for Pharmaceutical Operations Program for further information.


    Learn all about Blow Fill Seal (BFS) technology for your aseptic packaging needs

    Brevetti Angela welcomes technical students to hi-tech world of BFS
    Brevetti Angela welcomes technical students to hi-tech world of BFS

    Brevetti Angela service engineers and technicians who presented Brevetti Angela SYFPAC machine to students.

    Brevetti Angela welcomes technical students to hi-tech world of BFS

    Eng. Rajeev Kabbur, Brevetti Angela Director of R&D, is a visiting lecturer at University of Padova.   

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