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    Brevetti Angela to present latest Blow Fill Seal solution to BFS IOA American meeting

    news-releasesBrevetti Angela Srl
    November 21st 2023

    Vicenza, Italy: – Leading manufacturer of high technology pharma packaging machinery, Brevetti Angela Srl, will again be a prominent presence at December’s BFS International Operators Association American Meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico.

    BFS IOA meetings present Brevetti Angela with annual opportunities to share its technical expertise in Blow Fill Seal aseptic filling and packaging, including new applications for its SYFPAC® platforms, with audiences in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

    BFS packaging of temperature sensitive sterile products

    For the 2023 American meeting, Brevetti Angela will bring to the conference a case study on ‘Design of an aseptic LVP filling line in accordance with Annex 1’, that will be presented by Ing. Massimo Consolaro, technical sales representative of the Italian company.

    The study, highlighting technical solutions to the challenges of packaging sterile solutions that are sensitive to high temperatures in accordance with Annex 1, has already been shared with the BFS IOA European meeting at Catania in Sicily and the Asian conference in Seoul, South Korea.

    Long association

    Ing. Consolaro will show how Brevetti Angela engineers were able to adapt the SYFPAC process to produce large volume parenteral LVP bottles while keeping the temperature of the filled liquid below 25°C to avoid damaging products that are thermolabile keeping.

    Massimo Consolaro commented: “We’ve been members of the BFS IOA association and have co-sponsored all their events for more than a decade. We always look forward to our attendances at their meetings. These are important opportunities to keep up to date with latest trends and developments in the world of primary packaging, and to have live discussions with our peer professionals. And of course, we’re presenting a case study that we think the American audience will find very interesting, as temperature control is crucial for pharmaceutical packaging, for example when talking about vaccines. Our Blow Fill Seal solutions can also deliver the handling sensitivity and packaging and flexibility that so many biologicals demand.”

    About Brevetti Angela

    Brevetti Angela Srl is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharma primary packaging machinery, specializing in production of Blow Fill Seal (BFS) machinery for the aseptic packing of liquids in purpose formed plastic bottles, vials and parenteral forms. Brevetti Angela platforms are ideally suited to aseptic filling of pharmaceutical solutions and can also be applied to food & beverages, cosmetics or cyanoacrylates filling.

    Founded by Francesco Consolaro in 1977, the company remains based in Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza in north-eastern Italy. Over more than four decades, Brevetti Angela has been guided by a vision of following a path of continuous innovation based on ensuring customer satisfaction and quality of finished product, with a mission to provide primary packaging solutions that are flexible, versatile, and also reliable and easy to maintain.

    The company is particularly known for its range of advanced and patented SYFPAC® BFS machines designed and engineered to achieve the highest quality aseptic packaging of sterile pharmaceutical fluids for small volume vials, bottles, and pre-filled syringes.

    One of the key enablers for very high quality at Brevetti Angela is its emphasis on keeping all vital processes ‘in house’ at Arzignano where all facilities meet CE standards and since 2008 have been certificated to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

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    About BFS IOA American Meeting 2023

    The Pharmaceutical Blow-Fill-Seal International Operators Association (BFS IOA) is an international industry association for pharmaceutical and associated companies with direct or indirect involvement with Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) manufacturing. BFS IOA is a non-profit organization financed by subscription of more than 60 member companies worldwide and by sponsorships from the industry.

    The association’s American meeting for 2023 is a three-day event opening December 5 at the Hyatt Regency Andares Hotel in the Mexican resort city of Guadalajara.

    The event will include presentations from Brevetti Angela and other leading manufacturers of BFA technology, along with a report from the 2023 AGM held in Catania, Italy, and BFS IOA Board report on plans for 2023/2024, There will also be a technical workshop on Container inspection – Ophthalmic products (USP 771) led by BFS IOA’s Technical Officer.

    The event is organised by the BFS International Operators Association with further information at:–Mexico


    Learn all about Blow Fill Seal (BFS) technology for your aseptic packaging needs

    Brevetti Angela to present latest Blow Fill Seal solution to BFS IOA American meeting

    Brevetti Angela SYFPAC® platform – adaptable to aseptic filling of temperature sensitive liquids at below 25oC.

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