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    Bottelpack System Expansion Equipment

    February 26th 2018

    Rommelag ENGINEERING offers an expanded range of systems designed to boost the reliability and cost-effectiveness of production from its Bottelpack solutions.

    These add-on machines can be perfectly integrated into the bottelpack production process or used as stand-alone solutions.

    All Rommelag systems boast first-class quality, low-maintenance operation, and a long service life.

    Cap-welding machine

    Rommelag’s specially designed cap welding machine allows plastic caps (ports) to be welded onto molded BFS containers. To cover the widest possible range of applications, Rommelag ENGINEERING offers these machines as semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions. Both of these systems come complete with automatic unloading machines and conveyor systems. Customers requiring an integrated assembly line comprising a bottelpack and a cap-welding machine are provided with turnkey solutions that have passed preliminary in-line testing, thus eliminating the challenges posed by a legacy interface.

    Vial/Ampoule Inspection System (VIM)

    With a qualified and validated VIM ampoule inspection system, the client can decide how Blow Fill-Seal (BFS) ampoule blocks should be introduced and inspected. Both fully automatic and manual insertion are supported.

    The sophisticated inspection system logs the cavity and mold numbers, and measures the opening and separation forces, ampoule net and filled weights, and ampoule wall thickness.

    VIM can be seamlessly integrated into the production process to check the quality of containers. All in-process measurement protocols are available electronically, complemented by charts allowing setpoint deviations to be identified instantly. A range of options includes ability to have filling volume of the bottelpack system automatically corrected.

    High-Voltage Leak Detector (HVLD)

    The Rommelag High-Voltage Leak Detector is used for the partial, nondestructive, and fully automatic leakage testing of containers and ampoule blocks. The HVLD is an inline system that can be supplied turnkey with a bottelpack system.

    The HVLD offers a non-destructive and fully automated container closure integrity (CCI) test. As long as the product has some conductivity the system can perform high speed testing on a multitude of shapes and designs.

    Depending on the shape and design of the containers and on product conductivity, up to 5,000 containers or ampoule blocks can be inspected per hour. The leakage testing is performed in-line. Containers with leaks are immediately ejected, with records maintained by the system, making production easier and enhancing quality assurance (QA).

    Automatic Particle Inspection Machine (PIM)

    An Automatic Particle Inspection Machine can be installed in the bottelpack system’s follow-up processes to ensure that product reaches the end-user in BFS containers that are 100% tested and cosmetically faultless. The qualified and validated PIM inspects individual containers or blocks of ampoules in various shapes and sizes, using one or more camera systems working in parallel. This ensures the customers only ever receive first-class quality. This modular design system features non-destructive testing, an innovative vibration system to detect particles without rotating containers, reliable detection of particles floating or suspended in the filling, detection of particles stuck to or trapped in the container walls and automatic rejection of containers with imperfections. All measurement reports are rapidly available in full.

    Bottelpack System Expansion Equipment
    Bottelpack System Expansion Equipment
    Bottelpack System Expansion Equipment

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