Bonfiglioli Advanced Leak Detection

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December 8th 2020

Bonfiglioli Engineering (BE) has developed a suite of complementary technologies and services for advanced leak testing and detection in pharmaceutical and other applications.

Applied separately or in conjunction Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT), Visual Inspection, Leak Testing and Headspace Gas Analysis ensure total container or package integrity.

Advanced Leak Testing expertise

Bonfiglioli Engineering has a long and distinguished history of pioneering advanced container inspection and leak testing solutions, stretching back to 1974 when it introduced an ingenious method for leak testing bottles formed from plastics. During the 1980s, BE began producing package integrity platforms for cans and aerosols and developed its first patented rotary pharmaceutical package testing platform for vials and bottles.

Since 2015, Bonfiglioli has further Innovated into Visual Inspection Technology, launching its PK-VIS in-line rotary series and developed breakthrough in all-in-one solutions that combine Headspace Gas Analysis (HGA) with the Vacuum Decay Method that is particularly effective in testing for leaks in pre-filled syringes, carpules and injection devices. Vacuum Delay technology   can be integrated into different types of machines to be applied in the laboratory or for in-line testing at various stages of the packaging process.

BE offers varied solutions for accurate leak detection, including laboratory and inline machines. Most of its platforms include advanced features like quick format changeovers, automatic drying systems, auto test in real time and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for remote machine data exchange and download.

Bonfiglioli Engineering is more than an air leak test machine manufacturer, also supporting advanced packaging integrity testing and analysis through feasibility studies, technical expertise, validation packages, product handling and custom-built solutions.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

For the pharma industry, Bonfiglioli has developed a range of platforms and technologies that can be applied to CCIT of the whole range of primary packaging formats including flow-wrapped products and devices, plastic, induction-sealed and glass bottles, parenteral vials & ampoules, IV containers, cartridges, PFS nests, Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) containers, prefilled syringes, pouches and strip packs, stick packs, MDI inhalers, cans and aerosols, blister packs, medication tubes, sachets, and carpules.

This can be combined with automatic visual inspection and HGA for ampoules, vials, cartridges, pre-filled syringes, etc., as well as direct  air leak testing for two- or three-piece cans, composite cans, drums, easy-open end containers and Aerosol Cans.

All Bonfiglioli leak testing is quick, reliable and repeatable and gives consistent results for comprehensive batch control, and always non-invasive or destructive without compromising container form or contents.


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Bonfiglioli Advanced Leak Detection

Bonfiglioli advanced leak testing can be done inline as a continuous process

Bonfiglioli Advanced Leak Detection

LF-SMH: Larger scale laboratory solution that can test batches of up to five containers with simultaneous pre-loading

LF-S11: Benchtop single container testing suitable for laboratory applications

Bonfiglioli Advanced Leak Detection

PK-SY: Suitable for 100% In-Line and off-Line testing in continuous operation using testing chambers disposed on a rotating central carousel and automatic unloading and sorting