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Blue Competence VDMA Sustainability Initiative

news-releasesEnviroChemie GmbH
May 23rd 2012

EnviroChemie has become a partner in the VDMA sustainability initiative “Blue Competence”.

Responsibility is the backbone of sustainability and participants and sponsors of the initiative understand that this responsibility also includes the social aspect as well as achieving sustainability for manufacturing.

EnviroChemies’ environmentally friendly plant solutions for industrial water and waste water technology evidently show our commitment to sustainability. EnviroChemie ensures that our plants operate in a sustainable way through the use of our holistic range of services which include complete water management, high quality spare parts and powerful process chemicals.

Innovative and resourceful technologies are at the forefront of our Research and Development department to aid in developing our current methods.

For more information or to discuss Blue Competence Sustainability Initiative please contact us directly.

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