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    Biosynth passes significant milestone in structural expansion

    September 6th 2023

    Staad, Switzerland: – The recent integration of Aalto Bio Reagents and Fitzgerald Industries International into the Biosynth Group marks a further milestone in the remarkable expansion of Biosynth AG into an integrated multinational life sciences industries supplier.

    During August 2023, Ireland based Aalto Bio Reagents and the Massachusetts-headquartered Fitzgerald have both rebranded as part of Biosynth in the Biologics division, one of Biosynth’s three recently formed development and manufacturing divisions, along with Complex Chemicals and Peptides.

    Consolidated supply mission

    Biosynth Group’s ramping up of its development and production capabilities, along with newly acquired specialist expertise, are important components in its fundamental mission to secure and consolidate life science supply chains with manufacture and supply of high-quality products.

    Aalto’s specialized biological reagents and Fitzgerald’s range antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits form important parts of completing Biosynth’s biologics portfolio.

    The group structure now brings together chemistry, biology, peptide and biotech capabilities to form a complete offer of science-led services, end-to-end manufacturing capabilities, and high-quality materials. This has allowed the construction of a single service proposition to the industry and a research products catalog now containing more than a million products.

    Transformation journey

    Biosynth’s six decade journey to become an international microbiology and organic fine biochemical specialist manufacturer and developer began with its founding in 1966 as a pharma materials trading house, It began to focus on advanced production during the 1980s, progressively expanding its facilities and acquiring new expertise, such as organic chemistry with the acquisition of  Slovakian-based specialist TAU-CHEM and the 2016 merger with leading edge carbohydrates, nucleosides and enzyme substrates UK-based specialist Carbosynth that led to the formation of Biosynth Carbosynth in 2019.

    The group’s vision of consolidating the highly fragmented and complex life sciences supply chain to increases productivity for pharma and diagnostics industries by improving availability and reducing time-to-market is shared by US-based global investment house Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR).

    KKR’s investment in 2021 supported a further phase of expansion that saw the renamed Biosynth Group acquire both vivitide and Pepscan in 2022 to strengthen its offerings in peptide manufacturing services and catalog products, along with acquisition of Aalto Bio and Austrian enzyme development experts EUCODIS Bioscience. In 2023 Biosynth Group was again enlarged to include Cambridge Research Biochemicals and Fitzgerald Industries International.

    One-stop-shop offer

    Biosynth Group CEO Dr. Urs Spitz, son of founder Hans Spitz, commented:

    “The branding change aligns with the rest of Biosynth and consolidates the Biologics Division under one brand. This will make it easier for customers to benefit from the combined expertise and extensive range, which includes proteins, antigens, antibodies, disease-state human plasma, and biospecimens.”

    “We have built Biosynth Group to be a bigger stronger firm to handle all our customers’ chemical, peptide and biologic needs, with a single source of supply to support all their manufacturing and research activities in life sciences,” Dr. Spitz added.

    About Biosynth

    Biosynth AG is a multinational life sciences reagents, custom synthesis and manufacturing services enterprise that is playing a leading part in driving pharmaceutical and biotech innovation by supplying critical raw materials and services to the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries as its core mission.

    The Biosynth vision is to consolidate the highly fragmented and complex supply chain. Biosynth increases productivity of the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries by improving availability and reducing time-to-market of new therapies and diagnostics assays, acting as a strategic partner to many leading pharma and biotech players.

    Founded in 1966, Biosynth’s heritage and newly evolved multinational structure positions the company at the leading edge of innovation, able to combine chemistry with biology and products with services to construct a leading-edge research product portfolio comprising more than one million products.

    Its end-to-end manufacturing services encompass fine chemicals, peptides and key biologics as part of a one-stop-shop overall offer.

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    Biosynth passes significant milestone in structural expansion

    The pace of Biosynth expansion has accelerated since investment by KKR in 2021.

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