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BioGenes brings new immunogenicity and PK testing tools to Biologics Congress

news-releasesBioGenes GmbH
February 26th 2018

Berlin, Germany: – Leading force in host cell protein (HCP) assay development, BioGenes GmbH, will show its latest immunogenicity and PK testing tools at the upcoming Biologics & Biosimilars Congress in Berlin.

BioGenes will be an exhibitor at the event with a stand at Booth 2 at the ProArte Maritim hotel that will showcase its wide range of services that include custom antibody development (pAbs, mAbs, anti-IDs), custom ELISA development and kit production, HCP assays, analytical services and feasibility studies.

Immunogenicity and pharmacokinetic tools

The BioGenes display will particularly focus on the company’s recently developed Immunogenicity and pharmacokinetic (PK) testing tools and services. These include custom development of Immunogenicity-and PK assays as well as corresponding antibodies.

“We are delighted to be returning to Berlin, having previously attended the 2017 Biologics and Biosimilars Congress,” said BioGenes Marketing & Sales Director, Dagmar Schwertner-Knoll.

Therapeutic biologics

“This event provides an excellent platform for meeting existing and new clients and sharing information on the latest trends in testing of new therapeutics and biosimilars,” she added.

“We will be engaging in intensive discussions about the needs of our clients and partners, the people who develop new therapeutic biologics or biosimilars, perform PK or Immunogenicity studies” said Ms. Schwertner-Knoll.

About BioGenes GmbH

BioGenes GmbH (BioGenes) is an acknowledged global leader in host cell protein (HCP) assay development and a recognized partner of pharmaceutical companies all over the world. The Berlin-based company specializes in highly sophisticated and customized antibody and immunoassay development and is an experienced and reliable partner for process development improvements in all areas of quality control, diagnostics and drug discovery.

BioGenes is known as a trusted and experienced expert in immunoassay, 2D electrophoresis and antibody development with a business strategy focused on driving forward innovations for customers and building new strategic partnerships aimed at cementing its market leadership in host cell assay development.

BioGenes was founded in 1992 by Dr. Alexander Knoll (Managing Director) and Dr. Sergej Ovodov (Scientific Director), who are now sole owners following a management buyout in October 2015. Headquartered in Berlin, the company has a workforce numbering more than 50 people, most of them scientists.

The company maintains long-term relationships with research institutes, universities and biotech and pharmaceutical companies, including eight of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

About Biologics & Biosimilars Congress 2018

Now in its fourth year, the Biologics & Biosimilars Congress is dedicated to examining scientific and technological trends that advance protein and antibody-based therapeutics.

The 4th Biologics & Biosimilars Congress is a two day event opening March 5, 2018, at the Maritim proArte Hotel in Berlin.

Building on the success of the 2017 conference, this year’s Congress will provide in-depth studies of antibody therapeutics, biotherapeutic development and biologics for immunotherapy, including oncology and treatment of autoimmune disease and an expanded session on Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) as well as a session examining recent clinical and regulatory developments in biosimilars.

More than 60 presenters are scheduled with several planned panel discussions on topics including the impact of bispecific antibodies on oncology, developing antibody therapeutics, reviewing ADC progress, and the current market landscape for biosimilars.

The event is organized by Global Engage with further information at:

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