B Medical Systems cold-chain solutions power international COVID-19 response

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September 14th 2020

B Medical Systems provides a portfolio of medical devices to support pharma and life sciences companies as well as public health organizations in their fight against the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

These include temperature-controlled storage and transport solutions that play a critical role in the research, development and future distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine across the globe.

COVID-19 priorities

As pharma companies and research institutions continue to ramp up vaccine research and their production capacities to respond to the COVID-19 emergency, there is increased need for effective cold-chain solutions for the safe storage and transport of the vaccine candidates, most immediately in production and clinical trials.

As and when the vaccine becomes ready for bulk distribution, the demand for effective cold-chain solutions is expected to increase exponentially,. With billions of people to be vaccinated around the world, this will present a formidable cold-chain logistics challenge.

Even though it is difficult to predict the target temperature storage requirement of the vaccine before it is approved, public health logistics chains need to be prepared for an efficient and effective roll-out of all possible vaccine storage scenarios; that include 2-8°C, -20 °C to -40°C or even -80°C, similar to Ebola vaccines.

B Medical Systems’ solutions

B Medical Systems’ portfolio covers all these scenarios with a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical-grade refrigerators operating at +4°C and +15°C, medical and laboratory freezers storing vaccines from -20°C down to -41°C, and ULT  freezers maintaining temperatures as low as -86°C.

All these solutions offer reliability, accurate temperature control, and advanced alarm and monitoring systems, along with compliance with global regulations and quality standards.

B Medical Systems cold-chain advantages

B Medical Systems is an acknowledged global leader in vaccine storage and transport equipment, with expertise first developed in the World Health Organization vaccination programs in the 1970s. The company subsequently diversified its product lines to meet specific cooling needs in the development, manufacturing and distribution of vaccines and medications across the world.

Most particularly, B Medical Systems’ product portfolio is designed to address three key priorities in vaccine storage:

  • Reliability: The need to assure uniform temperature distribution throughout the cabinet, fast temperature recovery after door openings and extended holdover times ensuring stable temperature within the cabinet following a power failure.
  • Safety: A range of measures including audible and visual alarms with remote transmission via SMS or email along with the °B Connected advanced remote monitoring software that provide safeguards against temperature excursions, spoilage and tampering. The °B Connected software also enables the real-time visualization of device performance, data archiving, and generation of electronic reports that are compliant with the US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ready for submission to the FDA.
  • Usability: User convenience is enhanced with digital interface or 7” touchscreen operation with temperature display easily accessible in the door handle, USB port and SD card slot for easy data export, and modular interiors with wide choice of storage fittings.

Further information and advice

B Medical Systems has published a useful range of white papers and practical cold chain papers (see Resources). These include:

  • The importance of robust cold chain systems for efficient vaccine distribution.
  • Reliability features of ULT freezers for safe storage of valuable samples.
  • Applicability of the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Regulation to remote temperature monitoring systems.


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B Medical Systems cold-chain solutions power international COVID-19 response

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B Medical Systems cold-chain solutions power international COVID-19 response

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B Medical Systems cold-chain solutions power international COVID-19 response

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