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Automation – Sophisticated Process Solutions for the Chemical Industry

products-servicesSYSTAG, System Technik AG
November 10th 2014

With more than three decades experience in the chemical industry, SYSTAG can be relied upon to produce process concepts that are both technically meaningful and scientifically optimum. Our Automation solutions harness SYSTAG’s expertise in programming control systems, developing microprocessor systems and in the design of databanks and networks.

All SYSTAG Automation solutions incorporate:

  • The right assembly know how for sophisticated processes
  • Integral problem recording for optimum technical and scientific solutions
  • Input of reliable software and hardware components
  • High quality awareness developed on projects carried out in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Structured development run
  • The best and latest applicable technology


SYSTAG Automation solutions are based on a solid platform of previous achievements in overcoming a series of technical and engineering challenges. These include:

  • Engineering bases and preliminary studies
  • Recipe controls for chemical production
  • Data banks / management of process data and long-term archiving
  • Visualization of installation conditions
  • Material tracking and personnel identification
  • Networking of control levels, process system levels and product monitoring
  • PLC programming, real time recording
  • Development of electronic hardware, design and testing of prototypes
  • Registration for quality control
  • Support for qualification and validation of systems used to FDA standards

SYSTAG’s automation track record includes a series of successfully realized products in:

Process control systems: textile dyestuffs, pharmaceutical bulk production, in-process analysis laboratory, etc.

Pilot Installations: polymer chemistry, dyestuff chemistry, photo chemistry, energy-saving crystallization procedure

Logistics and Information: material flow and monitoring, personnel authorization and registration, central data recording with long-term archiving.

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