Automatic Visual Inspection and Injectables: What is the latest trend?

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February 16th 2023

Parenteral products in plastic containers can be particularly challenging in automatic visual packaging inspection. Why? Due to its characteristics, plastic containers have more variability than glass.

Because of that variability, the usual approach to visual inspection – the blob analysis – cannot be used. The samples used for the test must be as similar as possible in terms of:

  • shape
  • colour
  • size

Plus, they must have a specific set of defects chosen from common and less common faults. These include the presence of foreign bodies or particulate matter inside the container, cosmetic defects such as cracks or inclusions in the packaging, inadequate fill level or change in the sample’s colour.

This type of testing is essential to ensure product compliance with international regulations and to guarantee consumer safety. However, it also allows pharmaceutical companies to equip themselves with increasingly technologically advanced Automatic Visual Inspection machines.

Take 2 minutes and watch our latest video where design manager, Davide Luisari, discusses how Bonfiglioli Engineering uses neural networks to ensure our visual inspection systems outperform other visual inspection solutions for plastic parenteral containers:


Watch Video here.


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Automatic Visual Inspection and Injectables: What is the latest trend?