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    Aurena supports development of the new lifting fluid Pollift

    news-releasesAurena Laboratories
    July 13th 2022

    Karlstad, Sweden: – Aurena Laboratories AB (Aurena) has helped two pioneering endoscopists to develop their innovative lifting fluid into Pollift, a product now ready for market.

    Gastroenterologist Dr. Stefan Willmarsson and scoping nurse Lotta Langer both practice as endoscopists at Central Hospital in Karlstad, Sweden. They formed their own company Solika to develop their idea for an enhanced endoscopic lifting fluid based on a large molecule hypertonic solution that would enhance its lifting action by counteracting diffusion from the injection site.

    Advanced packaging 

    Aurena supported Solika’s innovation with its expertise in product development, regulatory services and manufacturing. Now branded Pollift, the resulting solution is now being brought to market as a CE-labelled medical device, using Aurena’s bag-on-valve (BoV) technology to ensure prolonged sterility in packaging and dispensing. This advanced format also means syringes can be repeatedly filled direct from bottle, eliminating the waste associated with vials.

    Pollift’s sterility and enhanced lifting action are particularly important in endoscopy when removing polyps from the intestinal tract. Polyps have a potential to develop into cancer.  For larger polyps, this is preferably done by endoscopic mucosal resection where Pollift enables a safer procedure to minimize complications by lifting larger polyps by submucosal injection of a liquid before polypectomy. The sterile fluid is injected under the polyp and thus reduces the risk of perforation of the intestinal wall in connection with the polyp removal.

    Surgical advantages 

    The advantages of this revised procedure have been explored and quantified in a research study conducted by Dr. Thomas Hallgren and Dr. Thomas Andersson Thell of the Department of Surgery at Central Hospital Karlstad and now published in Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research (see Resources).

    Hallgren and Anderson Thell used Pollift to perform 48 polypectomies in 37 patients, observing good lift throughout the procedure with no reinjections required and no complications noted. They conclude that the tested solution is effective in meeting the set requirements for a safe and radical removal of colonic polyps sized up to 30×30 mm, with both packaging and liquid proving highly user-friendly for the endoscopy team.

    International market opportunities

    Pollift is already being marketed in Sweden by specialist endoscopy and diathermy product distributors  Kungshusen Medicinska. “The advantage of Pollift compared to other similar products on the market is that it contains body-like substances, delivered in a sterile reusable container that clearly reduces wastage. In terms of price, Pollift is clearly below other equivalent products,” commented Gastroenterologist Dr. Stefan Willmarsson.          .

    “We are informing our network and the medical device industry, especially those involved in the endoscopic area, that this new product is now available and welcome discussion on marketing opportunities with international partners and distributors,” said Mr. Hedman.

    About Aurena Laboratories

    Swedish-based Aurena Laboratories (Aurena) specializes in the development and manufacturing of products using Bag-on-Valve packaging. The company is a leader in private label products and contract manufacturing of bag on valve aerosols for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

    Their products offer private label seawater/saline-based nasal sprays, wound wash sprays, adhesive removers, emollient sprays, diabetic foot spray and burn gel. Aurena-manufactured products are also brought to market under Private Label or as contract-manufactured products.

    The company complements its internal resources with external expertise and capabilities, including clinical development, product development and commercialisation.

    More information is available at:


    Click on Efficacy and Safety of a Novel Mixture for Submucosal Injection During Endoscopic Mucosal Resection to access research study.


    Your Partner in Bag-On-Valve – Medical Devices

    Aurena supports development of the new lifting fluid Pollift

    Aurena advanced BoV packaging allows Pollift syringes to be filled direct from bottle.

    Aurena supports development of the new lifting fluid Pollift

    Solika team who conceived Pollift: Dr. Stefan Willmarsson and scoping nurse Lotta Langer.


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