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    Aurena Bag-on-Valve (BoV) technology

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    July 11th 2019

    Aurena Laboratories AB is a specialist in the development and manufacturing of final medical products using the Bag-on-Valve (BoV) spray technology.

    The BoV package offers a number of valuable benefits for healthcare, cosmetics, and food applications. Advantages include environmental friendliness, ease of use and greater comfort for end-user.

    Bag-on-Valve features

    Bag-on-Valve consists of an aerosol valve welded to a sealed poly-laminated aluminum bag contained inside a tinplate or aluminum can also that also contains compressed air or nitrogen propellant acting on the outside of the bag. Propellant pressure thus ‘squeezes’ the bag, dispensing product through an actuator when the valve is actuated. Unlike a standard aerosol, there is no mixing between the product and propellant.

    This technology allows a number of potent benefits in delivery and user convenience:

    • Suitable for both liquid and viscous products
    • Up to 100% product emptying
    • No risk of diluting, adulterating or contaminating the product
    • Longer shelf life with less preservatives
    • Even and controlled spraying pattern for optimal result
    • No pumping motion needed
    • Can be used at all angles
    • Reduced spray noise
    • Less-chilling product discharge
    • Hygienic and sterilizable
    • Eco-friendly and non-flammable compressed air or nitrogen propellant
    • Fully recyclable

    BoV, therefore, provides a superior form of spray dispensing that is particularly valuable in high quality and purity products such as saline solution formulations, skin & wound care products, cosmetics and foodstuffs.

    The BoV is also flexible and can be used in a wide range of sizes and with a wide choice of can shapes and formats, valve types, caps, etc.

    BoV applications

    Bag-on-valve technology is gaining in popularity in the cosmetics and healthcare industries, particularly in applications with sensitive products or where user convenience is a consideration.

    Essentially, most products that can be packaged in a traditional aerosol spray may be dispensed using BoV, as well as some products that are not suitable for traditional aerosol delivery.

    These include the full range of viscous gels, creams, and ointments, as well as liquids.

    Aurena Laboratories uses BoV delivery for its medical device classified products like saline/seawater nasal sprays, eye washes, wound washes and more.

    However, a far wider range of BoV applications are possible including:

    • Pharma & Medical Devices, where safety is indispensable
    • Food & Nutrition: to preserve taste and goodness
    • Cosmetics: Easy to use and more pleasant on the skin
    • Firefighting: no use of inflammable propellant

    Bag-on-Valve, with its near 100% emptying and longer product shelf life also provides a superior solution in any application where sustainability, economy, and efficiency are important factors.


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    Your Partner in Bag-On-Valve – Medical Devices

    Aurena Bag-on-Valve (BoV) technology

    How Bag-on-Valve works: diagram shows (1) male or female valve, (2) welded bag containing (3) product kept under pressure by (4) propellant squeezing product out of bag through valve to (5) actuator nozzle mounted on (6) can.

    Aurena Bag-on-Valve (BoV) technology

    This illustration shows the steps to create a pressurized and filled Bag-on-valve product


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