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    ARTES to present innovative microbial expression technologies for API development at European Pharma Partnering Summit

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    May 4th 2023

    Langenfeld, Germany: –Specialist in microbial process development and technology transfer for the pharmaceutical industry, ARTES Biotechnology GmbH (ARTES), will be a prominent presence at this year’s European Pharma Partnering Summit 2023 in Munich.

    ARTES will be represented at the elite pharma networking and knowledge-sharing event by its Managing Director, Dr. Michael Piontek and Business Development Director, Dr. Melanie Piontek.

    Apart from fully participating in the many networking opportunities surrounding conference sessions, they will also be found at the ARTES booth in the Exhibition Zone displaying the range of innovative cell line and process development solutions for biopharma products, including its efficient technology platforms for virus like particle (VLP) vaccine development.

    About ARTES Biotechnology

    ARTES Biotechnology GmbH is a Germany-based company specialized in recombinant protein production, process and vaccine (VLP-based) development from microbial expression systems. ARTES offers generation of optimized production cell lines in proprietary yeast expression systems based on Hansenula polymorpha. In addition to genetic engineering, the company provides fermentation and downstream process development, analytical assay development and production cell line characterization. ARTES operates worldwide from its 850 sqm S1 facilities in Langenfeld.

    About Pharma Partnering Summit 2023

    The Pharma Partnering Summit is an exclusive Life Sciences Industry event, with the aim to help companies expand their network and put together licensing deals, research collaborations and financing. It is hosted in both the USA and Europe.

    The 2023 European Partner Partnering Summit is a two-day even opening May 25 at the Munich City Hilton Hotel, bringing together senior executives from different parts of the world specializing in Business Development & Licensing, Alliance Management, Research Collaborations, M&A and Investment.

    In addition to identifying products and partners as well as investors, the forum also serves to disseminate knowledge through expert speakers, for the best practices in the field of industry partnerships.

    The event is hosted by the Pharma Partnering Summit organization with further information available at:


    Click on Fine Art of Biotechnology  to learn more about the work of ARTES Biotechnology.


    ARTES Biotechnology is a globally working, well established and reliable technology provider for recombinant protein production.

    ARTES to present innovative microbial expression technologies for API development at European Pharma Partnering Summit

    European Pharma Partnering Summit.

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