ARTES brings new vaccine advances to veterinary ‘Dragons’ Den’

ARTES brings new vaccine advances to veterinary ‘Dragons’ Den’

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Press Release | ARTES Biotechnology GmbH

FEBRUARY 06, 2018

Langenfeld, Germany: – ARTES Biotechnology, the German-based specialist in biopharma cell line and process development solutions, will attend February’s European Animal Health Investment Forum in London and will present its innovative technologies to potential partners.

This will be ARTES’s second participation in the high prestige investment networking event, which is seen as the ‘Dragons’ Den’ of veterinary medicine.

ARTES Managing Director, Dr. Michael Piontek, will use the forum to talk with interested parties about latest developments of the company´s innovative proprietary vaccine development platform, METAVAX®, which received a new EU-based grant of patent last August.

Hansenula polymorpha expression

METAVAX®, a technology platform to develop virus like particles (VLP) in combination with the WHO-recommended yeast organism Hansenula polymorpha is used to develop and engineer highly effective, safe and affordable vaccines.

ARTES Biotechnology has expertise in both human and animal vaccine development, with a track record of successful collaborations with international agencies and global vaccine players.

Immunogenic vaccines

“We look forward to returning to the European Animal Health Investment Forum, which provides us with a great networking platform to talk to CEOs, business developers and scientists from veterinary pharmaceutical companies interested in development of highly immunogenic vaccines,” said Michael Piontek.

“This is a great opportunity to show how we have developed an economical approach for low-cost mass production of safe, effective and self-adjuvanting vaccines,” Dr. Piontek explained.

“We also have a highly compelling story to tell about how we have applied our VLP technology to antigen presentation and other vaccine technologies, along with our specialist cell lines and process development for bio-pharmaceutical products,” Dr. Piontek added.

About ARTES Biotechnology

ARTES Biotechnology is a pharmaceutical contract research organization (CRO) providing cell line and process development for bio-pharmaceutical products. The company is a well-established partner for many of the biggest names in the industry, with more than 20 years of business experience, a track record of products developed for and marketed by clients as well as safe, reliable and highly competitive microbial production platforms.

ARTES specializes in recombinant protein production, process and vaccine development from microbial expression systems, marketing the unique METAVAX® (dHepB-VLP) technology in combination with yeast expression.

This platform is applicable for large and multimeric antigens and able to create chimeric VLPs. In addition to genetic engineering, the company provides fermentation and downstream process development, analytical assay development and production cell line characterization.

ARTES operates worldwide from its 850m2 S1 facilities in Langenfeld, from where it also offers cell line engineering based on yeast (Hansenula, Pichia and Saccharomyces) and bacterial (E. coli and Bacillus) expression platforms, lab scale up- and downstream process development, supply of non-GMP bulk material (API) for activity and toxicity tests and technology transfer to cGMP facilities and scale-up support.

About Animal Health Investment Forum

The European Animal Health Investment Forum is known as the ‘Dragons’ Den’ of animal health, an event dedicated to providing potential investors with a showcase of the most innovative emerging companies and solutions covering agricultural and pet sectors.

Participating companies use the forum to present their ideas and investment propositions to an audience of senior venture capital, private equity and animal health development executives.

The 2018 European Animal Health Investment Forum is a two-day event, opening February 20 at the 200 Aldersgate center near London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The forum includes speaker contributions from some of the most experienced and well respected names within the animal health industry, representing leading global players. Topics covered will include industry innovation, global trends, regional opportunities and regulatory challenges.

The event is organized by Kisaco research with more information at:

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