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    ARTES Biotechnology Protein Expression and Process Development in Yeast

    products-servicesARTES Biotechnology GmbH
    September 10th 2021

    ARTES Biotechnology is one of Europe’s most innovative specialists in development of processes for recombinant protein production. ARTES offers important expression platforms in yeast and bacteria as well the development of industrial scalable protein expression processes,.

    The proprietary ARTES protein expression platform is based on the the methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha (also known as Pichia angusta). This platform delivers significant advantages and benefits in yeast expression. Processes are developed for different kind of recombinant proteins such as VLP vaccines, antibody fragments or small peptides.

    ARTES Hansenula technology platform features

    The ARTES Hansenula technology platform features with a large and sophisticated toolbox, high copy production cell lines, that are 100 % safe and stable (some of these cell lines are stably used for more than 25 years in industrial processes) and it contains a set of antibiotic resistance free host vectors. Another outstanding trait is that Hansenula is known by international regulatory bodies such as US Food & Drug Agency (FDA), European Medicines Agency (EMA) and World Health Organization (WHO). The last one has recommended Hansenula yeast for the production of VLP vaccines used for mass vaccination.

    Hansenula  advantages

    Recombinant DNA techniques allow for the introduction of foreign genes in a host organism for the production of biologically active heterologous proteins. Here the choice of host organism is crucial. On the one hand it is necessary to guarantee that the activity and functionality of the protein during synthesis in the chosen organism is preserved and on the other hand there is a need that the developed production process is economically feasible for later on industrial production.

    The main advantage of using ARTES´ yeast H. polymorpha  are unique characteristics. Features like, e.g. high thermotolerance, measurable of growing temperatures ranging from 20 to 42°C or fermentation processes based on full synthetical media without inducers like methanol, without animal derived components or other expensive additives as well as short fermentation times result in low-cost industrial production processes.

    ARTES process benefits at a glance

    ARTES platform technology for protein production processes offers a range of powerful benefits to clients. These include:

    • large toolbox (e.g. expression vectors, secretion signals, chaperones)
    • stable co-expression of multiple genes
    • high copy production cell lines with up to 120 genes per cell
    • 100% stability of production cell lines verified over more than 25 years
    • Protein expressed with absence of allergens, toxins and viral contaminations
    • secretion of products without contaminating host cell proteins (> 90% purity in fermentation broth)
    • high yield production of intra-cellular soluble proteins
    • metabolic engineering for design of whole-cell biocatalysts
    • organism recommended by FDA, EMA, EFSA, WHO, etc.
    • antibiotic resistance free host vector system
    • low-cost, fully synthetic media avoiding expensive additives (e.g. methanol or IPTG)
    • short production times (approx. 45 – 75 hrs. for yeast; approx. 24 hrs. for  coli).
    • High productivity obtained with ARTES´ technologies directly translates into savings in energy, investment, consumables and waste.


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    ARTES Biotechnology is a globally working, well established and reliable technology provider for recombinant protein production.

    ARTES Biotechnology Protein Expression and Process Development in Yeast

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