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    ARTES 20th Year Anniversary – a short overview

    news-releasesARTES Biotechnology GmbH
    May 12th 2022

    Langenfeld, Germany: This month ARTES Biotechnology celebrates its 20th anniversary. The whole team is very thrilled and we think it is time to give a small overview on company’s history.

    In 2002 at May 10th Michael Piontek founded ARTES as a one-man operation executing and taking care of two license deals as part of a severance agreement. He was absolute sure that this will be an interim solution only while looking for new job opportunities.

    Nevertheless, as always, things took an unexpected course. About half a year later ARTES has grown, first colleagues joined and the first company rooms were contracted.

    In 2007 ARTES and its team were in need for more room capacity, especially regarding laboratories. Therefore, we moved to our nowadays known facility at Elisabeth-Selbert-Str.9 in Langenfeld, Germany. From this site, ARTES today operates worldwide from 850 sqm S1 facilities with a team of 24 employees.

    Our main business has developed in 20 years very continuously. From offering “only” cell line development in our “working horse” Hansenula polymorpha, we nowadays offer the whole development chain for production processes for microbially expressed recombinant proteins. We offer generation of optimized microbial cell lines, provide fermentation and downstream process development, analytical assay development and cell line characterization. Our favourite expression system is of course still Hansenula, but we are working in the same manner with Pichia, Saccharomyces or E. coli.

    Our international clients come from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, feed or food industry. On their demand, we are developing production processes for recombinant proteins like pharmaceutical ingredients, VLP-based vaccines, or ingredients for cellular agriculture.

    The projects we had and we are now working on are very versatile, interesting and scientifically diverse and the whole ARTES team is looking forward to next coming years and exciting projects. Maybe, the next project here at ARTES is yours?

    About ARTES

    ARTES Biotechnology GmbH is a Germany-based company specialized in recombinant protein production, process and vaccine (VLP-based) development from microbial expression systems. ARTES offers generation of optimized production cell lines in proprietary yeast expression systems based on Hansenula polymorpha. In addition to genetic engineering, the company provides fermentation and downstream process development, analytical assay development and production cell line characterization. ARTES operates worldwide from its 850 sqm S1 facilities in Langenfeld.

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    ARTES Biotechnology is a globally working, well established and reliable technology provider for recombinant protein production.


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