Applikon Biotechnology rolls out Academy program for 2019

Applikon Biotechnology rolls out Academy program for 2019

Press Release | Applikon Biotechnology B.V.

DECEMBER 20, 2018

Delft, The Netherlands:- Dutch-based upstream bioprocess equipment specialist Applikon Biotechnology B.V. (Applikon) has released details of its Applikon Academy program for first quarter 2019.

The program kicks off with the Basic Cultivation Course, held over two days (January 28-29) and aimed at those wishing to transfer bioprocesses to a lab-scale stirred bioreactor. Theoretical sessions are combined with a strong practical component that includes bioreactor preparation, inoculation and strain performance evaluation.

Batch cultivation and scale-up

“After this course, attendees will have the basic knowledge of process control, evaluation of a batch cultivation, sensors and bioreactor handling,” commented Erik Kakes, co-owner and International Sales and Marketing Director at Applikon.

This is swiftly followed by the Advanced Cultivation Course (January 30-31) intended for those who already have basic knowledge of cell/microbial culture in lab-scale stirred bioreactors and are looking for in-depth insights on bioprocess control and scale-up. This course combines theoretical and practical sessions for advanced process control, process optimization, and scale-up.

BioXpert familiarization

During the following month, Applikon will also host a BioXpert Training course (February 18-19) that will communicate all key aspects of the BioXpert W7 / W10 platforms, from basic use of the software up to the programming and testing of algorithms.

Different forms of information sharing (presentations, demonstrations, and practical tutorials) ensure users are fully capable of extracting full benefit from BioXpert W7 / W10, utilizing its core functionalities and programming complex recipes.

Lucullus PIMS courses

Applikon Academy will stage two courses during March 2019, focused on the Lucullus Process Information Management System (Lucullus PIMS).

Lucullus PIMS Basic Training (March 11-12) will coach users in controlling planning, configuring experiments and analyzing experimental data.

“Having knowledge of your software tools will help you become the best in your field. The basic Lucullus training will focus on user management, creating recipes, starting processes, and optimizing graphic representation. It concludes with the first analysis of your cultivation, thereby turning your experimental data into useful information,” said Eric Kakes.

The Lucullus PIMS Advanced Training course (March 13-14) will show participants how to use the program’s advanced features, including process automation through programmed algorithms.

Different forms of information sharing via presentations, demonstrations, practical sessions and e-learning, ensure users can derive the maximum benefit from the course, which will equip them to modify configurations and program more complex operations.

Downscaling & Screening

The two-day Downscaling & Screening Methods course (March 26-27) covers a wide range of themes such as up/down scaling strategies in microbial and cell line applications, screening technologies, the Design of Experiments (DoE), and Quality by Design (QbD) approaches. The practical sessions are carried out using the Applikon product range for downscaling and screening. The activities include hands-on DoE and screening during a real cultivation and up/down scaling using the conditions from the best performing process.

AppliFlex Seminar

For users focused on cultivations in single-use bioreactors, the Applikon Academy is offering a one-day seminar on February 28, on “Cultivating in small-scale, customizable single-use bioreactors”.

The seminar will show how to extract full benefit from Applikon’s new, fully customizable single-use bioreactor via interactive presentations, guest speakers and hands-on sessions.

All courses and the seminar will be hosted at Applikon’s headquarters in Delft, Netherlands, with further details and registration available online (see Resources).

“Even at this early stage, interest in these courses and seminars has been high with limited places left for our Q1 courses so anyone interested would be well advised to register soon,” said Mr. Kakes.


The Applikon Academy also includes a series of online Webinars for which participants can register directly. These include:
Click on Lucullus PIMS (January 9)
Click on How to run a process and log data on Lucullus PIMS (February 6)
Click on How to monitor several bioprocesses in Lucullus PIMS (March 6)

About Applikon Biotechnology

Netherlands-based Applikon Biotechnology B.V. (Applikon) is a manufacturer that specializes in upstream bioprocess equipment for the life sciences industries. Its mission is to provide reliable solutions for the bioprocess market to enable improved quality of life.

Applikon’s core business is in the development and supply of advanced bioreactor systems from laboratory scale, to pilot, to production scale, partnering with customers to implement scalable platforms from initial screening through development and full-scale production for a global client base that includes pharma and biotech companies, food industry, CROs, CMOs, governmental and academic organizations.

Applikon designs, develops and assembles bioreactor systems, with all design and manufacturing conducted in-house. The Applikon portfolio covers key product and service areas including bioreactor cultivation systems, BioBundle turnkey systems, the unique BioSep Acoustic Perfusion System cell retention device, process control systems to automate bioprocesses and a range of proprietary Applisens sensors, and automation (monitoring and data management) solutions.

Apart from its standard cultivation and turnkey systems, Applikon also offers Special Projects: custom solutions aimed at helping clients fulfil strategic needs such as long-term development, capability expansion and upscaling.

Applikon is headquartered at Delft in The Netherlands with subsidiaries in the UK, New Jersey and California, USA and a distributor network covering more than 35 countries.

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Click on Applikon Academy 2019 Program for more information.
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Click on Basic Cultivation Course 28-29 January for further information and registration.
Click on Advanced Cultivation Course 30-31 January for further information and registration.
Click on BioXpert Training 18-19 February for further information and registration.
Click on Lucullus PIMS Basic Training 11-12 March for further information and registration.
Click on Lucullus PIMS Advanced Training 13-14 March for further information and registration.
Click on Downscale & Screening Methods 26-27 March for further information and registration.

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