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    Xzencis participates in De-risking Drug Development Webinar

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    December 13th 2022

    Mölnlycke, Sweden: – Dr. Steffen Ernst,  founder and Managing Director of pharma and life sciences safety consultant Xzencis, will be one of the featured speakers at an upcoming Australian-hosted webinar.

    The free to register webinar De-risking Drug Development will be hosted on the Zoom platforms on Thursday December 15, 2022, commencing at 1030 hrs AEDT (UTC +11). It is the final session in the series of Investing in Australian Biotech webinars organised by Melbourne-based specialist healthcare growth fund Horizon 3 Healthcare.

    Translational safety imperative

    Dr. Ernst will highlight the need for a translational safety approach to drug development  based on Xzencis experience in helping pharma companies develop integrated safety strategies and practices, allowing drug development to move from pre-clinic through to market seamlessly.

    The need for translational safety was first highlighted in the 1960s with the infamous thalidomide drug scandal, where a sedative developed for a different purpose was transitioned to treat morning sickness in pregnant women but without translational testing and with disastrous consequences.

    Dr Ernst will be one of three panelists on the webinar, along with Dr. Sandra Petty, CEO and founder of the non-profit Center for Biomedical Research Transparency that advocates for transparent reporting of biomedical research, and Wim Vos, CEO of Radiomics, which uses AI to unearth the data embedded in oncology and other medical images.

    The session will be hosted and moderated by H3 Healthcare senior consultant Dr. Tam Nguyen.

    About Xzencis AB

    Xzencis provides a wide suite of expert consultancy services focused on Translational Safety Solutions: planning and executing transitions and problem solving along the entire pharmaceutical value chain from pre-clinical target to market launch and beyond.

    The company’s strength is based on in-depth subject matter expertise in medicinal regulation, toxicology, clinical Patient Safety (PS) and Pharmacovigilance (PV), business administration, business development and licensing uniquely combined with hands-on business experience. These allow us to assist any life sciences company or organization with safety and regulatory issues, such as  strategy development and execution, pre-clinical and clinical challenges, inbound or outbound licensing, building safety value chains, governance, Due Diligence assessments for investors and organizational design of safety departments.

    Where extra personnel are required, Xzencis can call on an extensive network of senior, experienced Toxicologists, NCDS sub-discipline experts, Safety Physicians, Safety Scientists and PV Systems experts – all with tested and proven, impeccable track records.

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    Click on Tam C. Nguyen on LinkedIn for further information on webinar.
    Click on Zoom: De-risking Drug Development to register for the event.


    Cost efficient consultants at Xzencis manage pharmaceutical product development with a focus on a integrated safety strategy with defined objectives along the pre-clinical and clinical safety value chain, saving you in the long run

    Xzencis participates in De-risking Drug Development Webinar
    Xzencis participates in De-risking Drug Development Webinar

    Xzencis founder and MD Dr. Steffen W Ernst will be one of the panelists for the De-risking Drug Development webinar.

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