B Medical Systems, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, and Toyota Motor Corporation introduce the world’s first WHO PQS prequalified refrigerated vehicle

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March 31st 2021

Luxembourg: B Medical Systems, a global leader in the vaccine cold chain industry, Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC), and Toyota Motor Corporation announced today the launch of their jointly developed refrigerated vaccine transport vehicle which also has Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) prequalification from the World Health Organization (WHO). This is the first-ever refrigerated vehicle in the world to obtain a WHO PQS prequalification and can be used for reliably transporting vaccines or any other specimens in a 2-8 °C temperature range.

The successful rollout of immunization programs depends on the quality of the vaccine supply chain and the ability to provide a cold chain until the last mile. However, with several health centers located in extremely remote, rural, hostile terrains with minimal road infrastructure, delivering an end-to-end cold chain can be challenging. Toyota Tsusho Corporation and B Medical Systems joined hands and co-developed a refrigerated vehicle that can reliably transport vaccines to the last mile even in the most remote corners of the world.

The refrigerated vehicle has a B Medical Systems vaccine refrigerator with a storage capacity of 396L incorporated into a Toyota Land Cruiser 78. The vaccine refrigerator is powered via the vehicle while in motion and can also be powered by an external regular electric supply when parked. The vehicle provides almost a day’s autonomy, in the absence of any power supply. This solution also has temperature loggers that provide an overview of the storage conditions. The product brings together the legacy and expertise of Toyota Tsusho Corporation and B Medical Systems in the field of automobiles and vaccine cold chain, respectively.

Last-mile has always been the weakest link in the vaccine cold chain. In several regions across the world, the last mile health centers are in remote areas that are difficult to access due to the terrain and infrastructure. We are extremely excited to bring such a solution to the market along with Toyota. The refrigerated vaccine vehicle can easily travel through rough terrains and narrow roads delivering vaccines even to the most remote health posts, thereby ensuring an effective last-mile vaccine cold chain delivery. The design of the solution also ensures that none of the vials are broken during the delivery process, eliminating vaccine wastage, which is otherwise common in refrigerated trucks. We are very happy that the product received the PQS prequalification. The combined solution has the power to revolutionize the way vaccines are delivered until the last mile.’’- said Mr. Luc Provost, CEO of B Medical Systems.

Today would be a memorable day for our company and our partner B Medical Systems, announcing a new revolutionary PQS approved solution for vaccine cold chain. As a Toyota Group company, we are proud to give birth to this innovative product. Powerful Land Cruiser’s drivability and strong reliability of B Medical Systems’ refrigeration system would strengthen and provide a unique solution to the mobility and transport of vaccines until the last mile. Also, this cooperation with B Medical Systems will enable to provide together a strong after sales services to the client ensuring a sustainable and safe operation with our refrigerated vaccine transport vehicle. We hope this vehicle would help to extend the immunization services to reach the under-immunized and zero dose children and also to contribute to the Covid vaccines delivery”- said Mr. Shigeru Harada, COO for Automotive Division of Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

The WHO Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) process prequalifies products and devices so that member states and UN purchasing agencies are assured of their suitability for use in immunization programs. Countries across the world can now procure this solution for the reliable transportation of vaccines. Moreover, this refrigerated vehicle for vaccines can now be used under the international framework of COVAX, which seeks to distribute vaccines for COVID-19 fairly to developing countries, and its use as a means of transportation for COVID-19 vaccines is also expected. The companies have started the manufacturing of refrigerated vehicles and expect to ship the first batch in the coming weeks.

B Medical Systems has been consistently bringing to the market solutions that can solve the problems faced by healthcare professionals around the world when it comes to the storage and transport of vaccines. The company has to its credit several innovative solutions like the Health Center Kit, Remote Temperature Monitoring Devices, solar direct drive refrigerator with an autonomy of 30 days, etc.

B Medical Systems is a global leader in the vaccine cold chain and has a legacy of more than 40 years. The company manufactures medical-grade vaccine refrigerators, laboratory freezers, ultra-low freezers, and transport boxes that can store and transport any vaccine in the temperature range of -86 °C to 8 °C. B Medical Systems has been working closely with governments across the world to strengthen their national immunization programs, medical refrigeration, and blood cold chain. More recently, B Medical Systems has been working with governments across the world for the effective and efficient rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines. Its recent projects include the COVID-19 vaccine cold chain projects in Luxembourg, France, Germany, Indonesia, USA, Mexico, etc.

Link to the joint press release: https://www.toyota-tsusho.com/english/press/detail/210331_004794.html

About B Medical Systems

B Medical Systems S.a r.l is a global manufacturer and distributor of vaccine cold chain and medical refrigeration solutions. Based in Hosingen in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the company was founded in 1979, when the World Health Organisation (WHO) approached the Swedish manufacturing giant Electrolux, to provide a solution to safely store and transport vaccines around the world. Across the 3 major business portfolios of Vaccine Cold Chain, Medical Refrigeration, and Blood Management solutions, the company offers 100+ products. B Medical Systems’ major products include Vaccine Refrigerators (Ice-Lined and Solar Direct Drive Refrigerators (SDD)), Laboratory Refrigerators and Laboratory Freezers, Pharmacy Refrigerators, Ultra-Low Freezers, and Transport boxes. All products have integrated 24*7 remote monitoring capabilities that further ensure that these products offer the highest level of safety and reliability. B Medical Systems’ products are used across 135+ countries and have an installed base of more than 400,000 products across the world.

B Medical Systems has been a long-trusted partner of global humanitarian organizations like UNICEF, WHO, Red Cross and has extensive experience of working with Ministries of Health, hospitals, research organizations, universities, and blood transfusion organizations across the world. B Medical Systems also has a subsidiary in Noblesville, USA.


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B Medical Systems, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, and Toyota Motor Corporation introduce the world’s first WHO PQS prequalified refrigerated vehicle
B Medical Systems, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, and Toyota Motor Corporation introduce the world’s first WHO PQS prequalified refrigerated vehicle