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    We support zero downtime

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    October 21st 2021

    Hello from the B.E. Exchange team,

    Secure, flexible support is serious business.

    Keeping our customers online is our primary focus. Though Bonfiglioli Engineering has a global network of engineers and expert technicians, we can often provide the support you need remotely, saving costs and minimizing downtime.

    But can you keep your data secure when you open up to remote support?

    You can if you have Bonfiglioli Equipment with an EWON® router installed. EWON® is designed to guarantee maximum security through a device-specific VPN that creates a secure connection between Bonfiglioli Engineering and your machine.

    EWON® provides a secure environment for Bonfiglioli Engineering to deliver:

    • Emergency Assistance
    • Automation Changes
    • Machine Efficiency Tests
    • Operator Training

    Learn how to secure remote support with zero downtime. Whether you need to train new personnel, enable preventive maintenance, or you’ve encountered a specific issue, Bonfiglioli Engineering has the technology and experience to provide secure remote support through EWON®.

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    Bonfiglioli Engineering, your trusted partner in packaging inspection.


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    We support zero downtime

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