UGA Biopharma presents efficient development of stable high titer cell lines at BIO Europe DIGITAL convention

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October 14th 2020

Hennigsdorf, Germany: UGA Biopharma GmbH (UGA), the renowned contract developer of stable CHO cell lines expressing biologics and biosimilars, will present its latest high-performance cell lines for high titer production at next month’s BIO Europe DIGITAL virtual convention.

As a long-time supporter of previous BIO Europe events, UGA will use the online conference to forge new partnerships for its high speed cell line development services for new biologics and biosimilars, using the sophisticated virtual meeting spaces provided by organizers Informa and EBD Group.

High titer production

“We are particularly interested in talking to companies who need high performance cell lines with titers from 4 to 7 g/L for the production of new biologics and who are also looking for assured quality, fast time-lines, high biosimilarity, traceability and a proven track record,” said UGA Biopharma CEO, Dr. Lars Kober, who will be part of the company’s online presence at BIO Europe Digital, along with. Dr. Marcel Nowak, UGA’s Business Development Manager.

First CHOice® medium and First CHOice® feeds

UGA will also showcase its high performance First CHOice® medium and First CHOice® feeds used to increase the productivity of cell lines during biopharmaceutical manufacturing of therapeutic proteins. First CHOice® media and feeds are animal component free and chemically defined to eliminate BSE and TSE risks. Furthermore, they are protein-free, and contain no serum or hydrolysates. First CHOice® cell culture media are specialized for CHO cells (CHO-DG44, CHO-S und CHO-K1), but can be applied to other cell lines as well, still delivering significantly higher titers than alternative media. The combination of First CHOice® media and feeds together with the contract development services fits perfect for e.g. therapeutic antibodies, bispecific antibodies, fusion proteins, enzymes, hormones and additional classes of proteins.

About UGA Biopharma

UGA Biopharma GmbH is an experienced contract developer of biologics and biosimilars with the capabilities to handle all necessary steps from cell line development and bioprocess development to the development of purification strategies and appropriate analytics.

The company supplies its customers in Germany and abroad from its headquarter in Hennigsdorf, near Berlin. Several clients have used UGA products in clinical trials or in products that have received market authorization.

UGA Biopharma GmbH CRO activities are centered on cell line development for biologics and biosimilars, specializing in the development of stable expressing CHO cell lines and cell media for the production of biologics and biosimilars for biopharmaceutical companies. Typical clients are biopharma manufacturers, research institutions (like universities and research institutes) as well as start-ups and other CROs that need to outsource CLD, upstream, and/or downstream processing.

UGA’s mission is to fulfill customer requests, recognizing industry needs for high titer, high quality and fast delivery timelines, along with robust CHO cell lines. To this end, UGA can deliver cell lines, reaching titers from 4 to 7 g/L, within four months of receiving the originator sequence.

UGA has also developed its proprietary First CHOice® cell culture media and feeds platform to boost the productivity of cell lines. Furthermore, UGA Biopharma GmbH offers ready-to-use biosimilar cell lines, which allow clients interested in biosimilar development fast track access to a highly biosimilar cell line.

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About BIO Europe DIGITAL 2020

The biannual BIO-Europe events are premier partnering conferences dedicated to driving forward partnering in the life sciences sector. They attract an international “who’s who” from biotech, pharma and finance for high caliber networking.

As with BIO-Europe Spring earlier this year, the originally scheduled four-day physical event has been repurposed as a COVID-19 friendly digital online edition, using forums, webinars and video conferencing technology to allow the same networking and knowledge sharing benefits as the ‘live’ event, along with the sophisticated partneringONE® platform to enable networking and meetings between financiers, innovators and companies across the life science value chain, from large biotech to start-ups.

BIO Europe will remain a four-day event, opening October 26, that will provide intensive networking for biotechnology and pharma leaders to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships. The event will feature more than 40 presentations spread across five streams, including Biotech Ecosystem, Business Development, Microbiome Therapeutics and Therapeutic applications.

BIO Europe DIGITAL is organized by the EBD Group in association with the Washington DC-based Biotechnology Innovation Organization. Further information at:


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UGA Biopharma presents efficient development of stable high titer cell lines at BIO Europe DIGITAL convention