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UBICHEM Pharma Services Adds New Manufacturing Site

news-releasesUbichem Pharma Services
June 18th 2012

UBICHEM Pharma Services has added a new large scale manufacturing site to further expand its business. UBICHEM Pharma Manufacturing the new addition to the group, will be producing starting materials, intermediates and other fine chemical products for pharma and non-pharma applications in industrial quantities. This expansion positions the company to be one of the biggest providers in the CEE region.

The newly acquired 55,000m2 (590,000 square feet) facility is located in Budapest, Hungary, and it is able to produce fine chemical products in multi-ton quantities. The new manufacturing site also expands presence in the non-pharma sector.

“This new plant represents a milestone in UBICHEM Pharma Services history. From now on we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services from process R&D through pilot-scale cGMP API manufacture to high-volume manufacturing. By applying the rigorous quality control and strict production guidelines we have had in place at UBICHEM Pharma Services since 1996, we will now be able to ensure the high quality of the intermediates and fine chemical products at our new manufacturing site” – says CEO József Répási. “We believe we have a competitive edge over intermediate manufacturers based in Asia by leveraging the highly skilled talent pool of chemists and by meeting high quality expectations and strict deadlines for our customers” he added.

About UBICHEM Pharma Services/Manufacturing
UBICHEM Pharma Services/Manufacturing is a leading supplier to the pharma and non-pharma industry, and provides innovative solutions from process R&D through pilot-scale cGMP API manufacture to high-volume manufacturing.

Dr. Tibor Timár
Project Manager
Tel: +36 1 347 5060 / ext. 114
Fax: +36 1 347 5061


Zsolt Bencze, Ph.D.
Sales and Busienss Development Manager
Tel: +1 603 882 1047
Fax: +1 603 882 1847

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