Transient Transfected Cells

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Transient Transfected Cells

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Transient Transfected Cells

Julia Aßmann, Maren Gooßen, Oliver Wehmeier


Transient transfected cells are a useful alternative if the generation of a stably transfected recombinant cell line is not feasible for various reasons. For primary screening campaigns often high amounts of assay cells of consistent quality are required in a timely fashion. While this need can easily been met by the use of assay ready frozen cells or automated cell culture the supply of large bulks of transiently transfected cells is sill challenging. Although there are good technologies available for bulk transfection the provision of the required amount of host cells is still a bottle neck.

Here we show that frozen cells, if prepared in a proper way, can be used for transient transfections directly after thawing.

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Transient Transfected Cells

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