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TAmiRNA experts to speak at Austrian Bone Conference in Vienna

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November 21st 2018

Vienna, Austria: Innovative biotech company TAmiRNA will be a prominent presence at this year’s Austrian Bone Conference , ABC 2018, in Vienna.

TAmiRNA is sending two of its world-respected experts to speak on different aspects of the use of circulating microRNA technologies for the diagnosis of osteoporosis and musculoskeletal diseases.

MicroRNAs in bone research

TAmiRNA GmbH co-found and scientific advisor Dr. Johannes Grillari, will host a ‘Meet the Expert’ session on the use of microRNAs in bone research on Day One of the meeting (Friday, November 23, 14:00 – 15:00).

“I am looking forward very much to this session, which is designed to provide a relaxed and informal setting for an expert audience to explore the deeper scientific aspects of the topic,” said Dr. Grillari.

Time-dependent analysis of circulating miRNAs

On the same day, TAmiRNA CEO Dr. Matthias Hackl will present results of research on ‘Time-dependent analysis of circulating microRNAs and bone microstructure following anti-osteoporotic treatment in ovariectomized rats’ during the Treatment of osteoporosis session from 14:00 to 15:30.

Dr. Hackl will present new scientific results generated together with its research partners, Dr. Roland Kocijan and Dr. Heinz Redl from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology in Vienna.

Novel biomarkers

Dr. Hackl commented: “Using an animal model of postmenopausal osteoporosis we are able to demonstrate very clearly that circulating microRNAs can provide important information about bone quality and fracture risk in osteoporosis, with enhanced possibilities for identifying high-risk subsets that qualify for preventive therapeutic treatment. These new biomarker targets also give deeper insights into the disease mechanism of osteoporosis,” Dr. Hackl added.

About TAmiRNA

Privately owned and headquartered in Vienna, TAmiRNA GmbH is a biotech company specialized in the identification and validation of non-coding RNAs as biomarkers for age-related diseases. The mission of TAmiRNA is to provide clinically useful biomarkers to improve and prolong patient stability, health and quality of life with increasing age.

TAmiRNA specializes in technologies for profiling levels of blood-circulating microRNAs and developing multi-parametric classification algorithms (“signatures”). TAmiRNA uses these technologies to develop minimal-invasive diagnostic tests for early diagnosis and prognosis of disease, or as companion diagnostic tests to support treatment decisions.
TAmiRNA’s pipeline includes developments in osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, and drug safety, which aim to provide ‘microRNA kit’ solutions that enable users to quantify the levels of specific microRNA combinations and platelet function in serum, plasma, urine or other biofluids. The company initially developed kits for bone disease (osteomiR™) and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (thrombomiRs™).

TAmiRNA also offers contract research services for companies in need of targeted biomarker development. Customers include biopharma companies with drug development programs in human and veterinary medicine, medtech companies and clinical research groups.

More information available at:

About ABC 2018

The Austrian Bone Conference (ABC) is an annual meeting that provides a forum for scientists and clinicians to discuss current issues and research developments in the molecular, cellular, material science, (patho)physiological and clinical aspects of bone and mineral metabolism.

ABC 2018 is a two day event opening November 23 at Vienna’s Palais Ferstel.

A highlight of the conference will be the awarding of the “2018 International Research Prize“ to an outstanding scientist, chosen by an international jury of renowned academics.

The conference is organized by the Austrian Society for Bone and Mineral Research (AuSBMR) and Vienna Medical Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (VMA) with further information available at: .

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