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    TAmiRNA shares microRNA biomarker insights at FIDELIO training webinar

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    February 22nd 2021

    Vienna, Austria: Biotech innovator TAmiRNA will make a key contribution to the upcoming FIDELIO training webinar on use of microRNAs (miRNAs) as biomarkers.

    TAmiRNA is a key partner in the EU-funded Innovative Training Network FIDELIO, which aims to train the next generation of scientists in tackling the challenges of bone fragility in diabetic patients.

    MiRNA biomarker expertise

    The free webinar MicroRNAs: small RNAs with big potential as biomarkers and drug targets in bone diseases will take place online on February 25, 2021, starting at 1400 CET (UT+1) with registration via the FIDELIO website (see Resources).

    The one-hour session will be hosted by TAmiRNA founder and CEO Dr. Matthias Hackl, whose presentation will draw on TAmiRNA’s contribution of tools and expertise to the FIDELIO project with its deep knowledge of microRNA biomarkers and their use in innovative diagnostic technologies.

    Dr. Hackl will show how microRNAs are short non-coding RNAs that control gene expression in virtually all human cells and that miRNA expression changes during the onset and progression of (bone) disorders enabling applications as biomarkers and drug targets. He will introduce his audience  to the biological and methodical basics of microRNA research and discuss diagnostic and therapeutic applications of microRNAs in bone disease.

    Bone disease in diabetes

    The EU project FIDELIO was launched in October 2019, tasked with investigating the connections between the bone system and the metabolic disease diabetes mellitus, which disrupts the entire organism of patients, significantly affecting bone health with increased risk of fractures and slower healing.

    The FIDELIO European consortium is coordinated by scientists from the Faculty of Medicine Carl Gustav Carus at TU Dresden and funded by the EU with a total of 3.8 million euros. The project is seen as a key element on tackling the future challenges of an aging society.

    About TAmiRNA

    TAmiRNA specializes in technologies for profiling levels of blood-circulating miRNAs and developing multi-parametric classification algorithms (“signatures”). TAmiRNA uses these technologies to develop minimal-invasive diagnostic tests for drug development, early diagnosis and prognosis of disease, and as companion diagnostic tests to support treatment decisions.

    For its work on circulating microRNAs in bone disease, TAmiRNA is receiving funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE grant agreement no. 860898.

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    TAmiRNA shares microRNA biomarker insights at FIDELIO training webinar

    Webinar host: TAmiRNA founder and CEO Dr. Matthias Hackl

    TAmiRNA shares microRNA biomarker insights at FIDELIO training webinar

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