Sovicell strengthening application team

Sovicell strengthening application team

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SEPTEMBER 06, 2017

Leipzig, Germany: – As part of the expansion of its ADME-Tox testing specialist business, Sovicell GmbH is recruiting scientists to join its application research team.

Sovicell is strengthening its range of state-of-the-art ADME-Tox (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicology) products and services that enable researchers worldwide to rapidly obtain accurate and reproducible pharmacokinetic data about their drug candidates or other chemical substances.

Sales person with scientific background required

The new specialists are required to strengthen distribution of Sovicell products, provide scientific and technical consultancy worldwide and deliver training and advice on design and execution of in vitro ADME-Tox analyses.

In particular, Sovicell are looking for a scientist with the knowledge and confidence to lead its laboratory and application team, present scientific results at international symposia, write scientific journal articles and provide scientific support for new developments.

Sovicell is looking to recruit pharmacology, biochemistry, chemistry or similar graduates or PhDs, ideally with experience of applying ADME-Tox within the pharmaceutical industry.

“This is a demanding role and we’re particularly looking for people with a few years of job experience in the target sectors,” said Dr. Katharina Porsch, assistant to Sovicell CEO, Dr. Hinnerk Boriss.

International role

“In return, we are able to offer a responsible and diversified role as part of an international research team combined with rich career possibilities,” added Dr. Porsch.

The application scientists will be based at Sovicell’s laboratories in Leipzig but will travel within Germany and abroad.

The role has already been advertised on a German online job exchange but Sovicell are also looking to attract international candidates.

About Sovicell

Sovicell GmbH is a privately owned German manufacturer of ready-to-use test kits for tissue distribution and plasma protein binding of drugs with a state of the art assay development platform. With over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical research Sovicell provides tailored assay kits for automation and robust analysis and is a dedicated provider of the ADME-Tox tests used in pharmacokinetics.

Sovicell’s range of ADME-Tox-based products and services, enable customers to obtain rapid, accurate and reproducible pharmacokinetic data and side-effect predictions about candidate drugs or other test substances.

Many of the tests are based on TRANSIL, Sovicell’s proprietary and patented innovative bead-based technology platform that underpins reliable membrane permeability and protein binding assays. TRANSIL addresses current issues in drug discovery by providing assay systems both for soluble polar and lipophilic chemistries.

Media Contact

Dr. Katharina Porsch, Executive Assistant to CEO, Sovicell GmbH
Tel: +49 341 520 440


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