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June 9th 2020

SIRION Biotech’s adenoviral services include development of the adenovirus vectors that have become the method of choice whenever a fast and transient gene expression for a very large gene or several genes is required.

SIRION’s adenoviral vectors are based on an Ad5 serotype with a modification to ensure their safety. They include custom Adenovirus Ad5 and proprietary Adenovirus Ad19a/64 vector technologies that are ideally suited to COVID-19 vaccine development.

Adenovirus vectors

Adenovirus vectors are non-toxic, non-integrating, non-enveloped viruses with a linear double-stranded DNA. Adenovirus vectors are one of the most frequently used viral vectors for gene delivery because of the high levels of transgene expression in broad cell types, including dividing and non-dividing cells. Adenovirus vectors will fit whenever fast and strong transient gene expression or knockdown are needed making them a powerful tool for vaccine development approach, boosted by the ability of adenovirus to induce immune response in vivo.

SIRION’s adenoviral expression cassette is very large, with total capacity of 7.5 kb, which gives space for more flexible vector designs with multiple transgenes delivered in one vector.

Adenoviral service features

The SIRION Biotech portfolio of adenoviral services is based on deep and well-established experience in vector engineering and manufacturing.

The service exhibits a range of distinctive features that include:

  • Personal consultancy and professional planning for each project
  • Flexible vector design and engineering service for integration of virtually every desired expression construct
  • Mono- and bicistronic vectors
  • Transient gene expression in vivo and in vitro
  • Guaranteed standards for reliable batch-to-batch consistency
  • Various scales and qualities to fit any step from R&D and preclinical to clinical development
  • Short lead time: customer projects integrated into SIRION pipeline within a few days
  • Strategic partnership with CDMO for manufacturing under GMP conditions

Adenovirus vector service benefits

SIRION’s adenoviral vectors are based on an Ad5 serotype with a modification to ensure their safety. To enter the cells Ad5-based vectors use the Coxsackie-Adenovirus Receptor (CAR). To increase the packaging capacity in recombinant vectors, two genes are deleted (E1 and E3). E1 is provided by the packaging cells (HEK293) and E3 is not essential for virus production. Deletion of E1 from the viral vector prevents the virus replication.

  • No host genome integration
  • Large packaging capacity up to 7.5 kb, providing space for multiple gene expression cassettes
  • Reliable gene delivery into dividing and non-dividing cells with close to 100% efficiency
  • Fast results – gene expression completed within 24 h
  • Adenovirus remains epichromosomal, thus not interfering with other host genes
  • Constitutive and inducible promoters
  • Flexible vector design
  • High titer productions available
  • Broad portfolio of promoters and tags: strong ubiquitous and inducible promoters, custom promoters
  • Transduction enhancers for hard-to-transduce cell types

In summary, SIRION’s adenoviral services offer a highly flexible customized approach for adenovirus vectors engineering and manufacturing that is tailored to the needs of large and small biotechs and pharma companies, as well as cell and gene developers, academic researchers, and vaccine developers.


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SIRION adenovirus vector services