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    Security for every bit that matters

    news-releasesBonfiglioli Engineering S.r.l.
    November 2nd 2021

    Hello from the B.E. Exchange team,

    From details of your daily output to traceable production history for regulatory compliance, every bit of your data has potential value. Ensuring the integrity and security of your data protects your business, and data analysis can help increase your operational efficiency.

    Bonfiglioli Engineering takes integrity seriously. We offer a series of solutions to help you collect, store, and protect your data in a convenient and secure way:

    • Daily backup saves production data every 24 hours
    • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enables collection and download of data for processing
    • Active Directory features control permissions and network access

    Are you doing all you can to protect your data? From helping protecting your data on-site to providing secure EWON® connections for remote support delivery, find out what Bonfiglioli Engineering can do to help protect you.

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    Bonfiglioli Engineering, your trusted partner in packaging inspection.


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    Security for every bit that matters

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