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    Scandinavia’s largest pharmaceutical logistics centre goes live

    news-releasesPHOENIX group
    November 15th 2019

    Nomeco, the Danish subsidiary of the PHOENIX group, has opened the largest logistics centre for pharmaceuticals and healthcare products in the Nordic countries. “At around 80 million Euros, it is the largest single investment in the infrastructure of the PHOENIX group. This underlines our position in European pharmaceutical logistics,” said PHOENIX group Board Member Frank Große-Natrop at the opening in Køge, Denmark.

    After three years of construction, the healthcare logistics warehouse and distribution centre has been completed and impresses with many superlatives: The 25,000 square metre building is the size of three football fields and has a fully automated warehouse. With a height of 30 meters, it offers space for more than 55,000 pallets. Thanks to the high degree of automation, up to 1,000 pallets can be moved per hour. Based on the order history, algorithms determine the best possible storage location for each product to ensure the highest efficiency in the inbound and outbound processes.

    “The central aspects of the construction of our logistics centre were efficiency, quality and security. In an industry where delivery reliability goes hand in hand with patient safety, this is crucial. With the new logistics centre in Køge, we continue to optimise our supply chain and make medicines available to the patients even faster,” said Henrik Kaastrup, Managing Director of Nomeco. Geographically, Denmark and Køge, south of Copenhagen, is the ideal location for short distances to the whole of Northern Europe. In Scandinavia, the PHOENIX group is present with the pharmacy chain Apotek1 in Norway and in Finland, Sweden, and the Baltics with the pharmaceutical wholesaler Tamro. PHOENIX also operates BENU pharmacies in the Baltic States.

    In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has progressively outsourced logistics and distribution services and concentrated on its core business. Nomeco is clearly feeling this demand as the number of clients and the handled volume has significantly increased in recent years. The new distribution centre will make the company an even stronger outsourcing partner for the healthcare industry.

    “In developing the concept, we relied on 30 years of experience as the market leader in pharmaceutical logistics. From now on, the logistics centre with its short delivery times will strengthen the supply chain throughout Northern Europe,” Große-Natrop concluded.

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