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PHOENIX group hosts Austrian ‘Knowledge Days’

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December 2nd 2019
Mannheim, Germany: – PHOENIX Austria, part of European´s leading integrated healthcare provider and pharma wholesaler PHOENIX group, has hosted its annual “Tage des Wissens” (Knowledge Days) for pharmacy teams in Austria.

This year saw two Knowledge Day events at the Steiermarkhof in Graz (5th November) and on the following day at the D3 Convention Center in Vienna, showing audiences how to exert ‘Impact. Always. Everywhere’ in their corporate behaviors.

Professional Appearance

PHOENIX instituted the Knowledge Day program in Austria several years ago as a means for forging new links between the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacists and as a means of rewarding and strengthening customer loyalty.

Last year’s events focused on ‘Boosting Sales´ but this year the focus shifted to ‘Professional Appearance’, with the help of external keynote speakers Monika Matschnig and Marc Gassert.

High attendance

Ms. Matschnig and Mr Gassert conducted inspiring presentations at both the Vienna and Graz events, which also featured networking sessions for knowledge sharing between PHOENIX, its industry partners and pharmacy teams.

Both events were well attended, with some 120 professionals attending on each of the two days.

Positive feedback

This kind of events show how it’s integrated All-in-One services bringing industry and the pharmacy team together can provide effective solutions for individual pharmacy needs.

“We organise Knowledge Days in close cooperation with our industry partners, who are given the opportunity to get in contact with the pharmacy teams, to present their products and to share information,” explained PHOENIX Austria’s Head of Marketing Walter Fortunat.

“As in the previous years, the feedback from all participants and our industry partners was very positive and the events will be repeated in 2020,” said Mr. Fortunat.

About PHOENIX group

With 27 countries, the company today offers a unique coverage in Europe and, with over 37,000 employees, makes an important contribution to comprehensive healthcare. The vision of the PHOENIX group is to be the best integrated healthcare provider – wherever it operates.

The PHOENIX group considers itself to be a link between manufacturer and patient. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, health insurance funds, and patients across Europe can benefit from our service offering. In pharmaceutical wholesale, the PHOENIX group is active with 163 distribution centres in 27 countries and supplies pharmacies and medical institutions with drugs and other health products. Numerous other products and services for pharmacy customers complete the portfolio – from assistance in advising patients to modern goods management systems to pharmacy cooperation programmes. With over 13,500 member pharmacies, PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership is the umbrella for our European network of 13 cooperation and partner programmes in 16 countries. Pharma Services provides services across the whole supply chain for the pharmaceutical industry.

The PHOENIX group operates over 2,500 of its own pharmacies in 14 European countries, thereby having profound knowledge of the pharmacy business. Our approximately 19,000 pharmacy employees have around 150 million customer contacts each year. They dispense approximately 338 million drug packages to patients and advise them on issues concerning pharmaceuticals and general health.

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