Remote Electronic Data Capturing and Analysing System (REDCAS)

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Remote Electronic Data Capturing and Analysing System (REDCAS)

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Remote Electronic Data Capturing and Analysing System (REDCAS)

Over almost two decades, syneed medidata has accumulated considerable experience in managing observational studies in different indication areas, including non-interventional studies and post-marketing surveillance. Electronic data capture (EDC) has become a key element in this work, increasing speed and efficiency in gathering clinical data. We have developed specific in-house software programs to help us handle data entry, coding, and evaluation, applying EDC capabilities to very large observational projects.

Our accumulated experience and systems capabilities are combined in the development of our proprietary system REDCAS®.

REDCAS stands for Remote Electronic Data Capturing and Analysing System. This is a software package that is specifically designed to assist the cost-effective management of observational studies.

Revolutionising Observational Studies
While EDC has become standard in interventional studies, it’s yet to gain acceptance in conducting observational studies. The main problem is that established EDC systems are associated with high costs along with complex training needs and lengthy familiarization times. This there is a need for systems that are self-explanatory, easy to handle, and cost efficient – and tailored to specific needs of observational studies.

Now syneed medidata GmbH have met this need by developing its proprietary system, REDCAS®.

System design is based on extensive syneed medidata experience with EDC in observational studies. The company carried out one of the first web-based observational studies back in 1995, since when it has gone on to complete more than 70 completed EDC-enabled projects for a variety of indications.

REDCAS architecture and features reflect this accumulated real-world experience, which is one reason why the program has repeatedly received enthusiastic reviews from physicians and study nurses. Users appreciate REDCAS clear focus, common-sense arrangement, its self-explanatory structure, and intuitive interface.

syneed medidata’s experience in handling observational EDC studies and the REDCAS focus on the essential elements of such studies also allow us to price services at highly competitive levels.

REDCAS features:
Ease of use
• Intuitive, self-explanatory user interface for excellent usability, rapid adaptation and minimal helpline costs
• Low technical threshold for users with no additional software needed
• Multilingual setup with multiple language capabilities
• Modular architecture allows rapid and precise adaptation of functions to particular client and case needs
• Purely Web-Based, no local installation or validation necessary

• System supports individually branded and study-specific layouts
• Query management with soft and hard checks, messages and overviews
• Tailored online reporting
• Data export to all popular data formats possible (SAS, Oracle, xml, csv, etc.)

• Full authentication password regime with multi-level access control
• Encrypted password storage (hashed)
• SSL encryption (https protocol)
• No cookies
• No Active-X
• No Java
• No Flash
• Full electronic audit trail on system access and on entered data

To learn more about REDCAS – Remote Electronic Data Capturing and Analysing System, including the opportunity to trial a demo version, please contact syneed medidata directly.

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