Receiving rapid and effective service whenever and wherever needed

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March 31st 2021

Hello from the B.E. Exchange team. No matter where your package inspection equipment is located, with special tools like EWON connectivity and using Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality glasses, Bonfiglioli Engineering can provide immediate operational assistance24 hours a day, six days a week, to minimize service time so you can resume normal production as quickly as possible.

Read our latest article Bonfiglioli Engineering: Partnering around the globe with clients through Microsoft HoloLens to learn about:

  • How to avoid extended production shutdowns while waiting for external technicians to arrive.
  • Real time customer service: customers interact with our technician remotely, perform complex tasks themselves, work on automation and quickly resolve malfunctions.
  • The advantages of using HoloLens: transmits high-quality images to our customer service engineer for real-time viewing; Allows for non-specialized personnel to carry out minor interventions; User views virtual images that guide their gestures and allow them to work safely and precisely and more …

With this article, you receive a copy of the interview by our Brazilian dealer and his client’s experience on remote support with Bonfiglioli Engineering.

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Receiving rapid and effective service whenever and wherever needed