Protect your freeze-dried products with container integrity testing

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March 23rd 2022

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Freeze drying is an excellent preservation process for foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Freeze drying ensures your product:

  • maintains its structural integrity
  • is easy to handle and transport
  • is shelf stable
  • and can be easily re-hydrated and restored to its original form

Because freeze drying facilitates the storage and transport of delicate materials, it is a natural fit for pharmaceuticals, such as vaccines. But to realize the full benefits of freeze drying, ensuring container integrity is key.

Appropriate methods of container integrity testing for freeze-dried products include:

  • headspace gas analysis
  • automatic visual inspection
  • vacuum decay

Bonfiglioli Engineering understands the specialized needs of freeze-dried products and offers container integrity testing equipment capable of performing a variety of testing methods.

If you’re curious about how headspace gas analysis works and want to find out five reasons to include it in your quality control process, contact Bonfiglioli Engineering today.

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Protect your freeze-dried products with container integrity testing