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    Progress-PME Qualification team helps bringing leading-edge veterinary pharma aseptic facility online

    news-releasesProgress Project Management & Engineering (Progress-PME)
    October 15th 2019

    Hoofddorp, The Netherlands: – Progress Project Management & Engineering (Progress-PME), the independent consultancy and management company specializing in leading edge solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industries, helps deliver a new 8000m2 manufacturing facility for a veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer.

    The new facility will double the aseptic manufacturing capacity for Netherlands-based veterinary pharmaceutical company Produlab Pharma and includes a 4-fold batch size increase.

    Leading-edge separation

    The expansion of the currently operational manufacturing facility with the new facility is particularly advanced in allowing β-lactam antibiotics, such as penicillin, to be separated from non-pen products.

    Progress -PME is tasked with supporting the design and construction team and managing and executing the Commissioning & Qualification (C&Q) for the entire facility. This gave the PME team, supported by C&Q members of several other suppliers, responsibility for overall C&Q project management, including development of the strategy plan, protocols, planning, resources and deliverables.

    Built-in quality

    The C&Q activities are on schedule, with validated high quality and with no unpleasant surprises for the client, who commented:

    “Progress-PME has shown itself to be a professional engineering and project management agency. The intrinsic knowledge of the C&Q Project Manager and the C&Q Engineers ensured we could concentrate on our core business.”

    Progress-PME Chief Commercial Officer Edwin van den Bos said:

    “We are very proud on the fact that the C&Q project is on schedule and progressing according plan. We have managed to relieve the customer in the decision-making process while delivering with high quality.”

    About Progress-PME

    Progress-PME is an independent consultancy company with customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and in the healthcare sector. It operates internationally, supplying project management, engineering, CMC, validation Lean/OPex and quality assurance services.

    Progress-PME’s mission is to excel in supporting clients to realize their business goals, harnessing broad knowledge and experience, combined with focus and flexibility to guarantee high value services and projects and multi-disciplinary progress. Progress-PME offers general services in eight fields: project management, a specialized Quick scan & GAP analysis services helping companies into new markets or products, training, hospital pharmacy support, biobanking, and environmental management.

    The company also offers management services covering fields such as Quality Management, Lean Six Sigma performance improvement, Chemistry Manufacturing and Control (CMC) for new pharmaceutical products, engineering and facilities support.

    Founded in 1999, Progress-PME and its Executive Services subsidiary Progress EXS are privately-owned companies.

    Further information at:

    About Produlab Pharma

    Produlab Pharma specializes in production of liquid and semi-solid veterinary pharmaceuticals for renowned pharmaceutical companies in more than 90 countries worldwide, and across the whole EU.

    The company was founded in 1991 and is based at Raamsdonksveer near Breda in North Brabant, Netherlands.

    Continuous expansion over 25 years has produced a company with facilities totaling more than 20,000 square meters and a -130 strong workforce, working with more than 400 recipes to produce some 3.000 different products in batches from one liter to 600 liters.

    Daily production usually exceeds 2,500 liters of liquid and semi-solid veterinary pharmaceuticals.

    Progress-PME Qualification team helps bringing leading-edge veterinary pharma aseptic facility online

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